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How to file kentucky state taxes

how to file kentucky state taxes

Tax Year 2014 Free File Offers

Last year approximately 85% of Kentucky resident taxpayers filed their individual income tax returns electronically. You may qualify to file your federal and Kentucky individual income tax returns for free. Please review each offer carefully to make sure you qualify as each company determines their offer.

1. Review the offers from the vendors listed below. To ensure you can file both your federal and state returns for free, please access these Free File products from either our website or the IRS website.

2. If you think you qualify for one or more of them based on your 2014 income, select a vendor of your choice by clicking the logo.

3. Once you

select your vendor, you will be redirected to their website to begin your return.

The start date for electronic filing of your 2014 federal and Kentucky returns begins January 20, 2015.

The software companies are listed in no certain order. We do not endorse any specific tax filing product. The department has reviewed neither the accuracy of the software program's instructions nor the programs calculations and is not liable for and does not assume responsibility for the accuracy of any information relative to these electronic filing products or programs. We have verified that all software packages will produce a return which contains the required data fields. The Kentucky Department of Revenue does not offer technical assistance for these software products.

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