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How to File Income Tax Return Online – e-Filing of IT Return

Assessee who are required to file income tax return online must e-file their return. Otherwise it is your choice to file income tax return online or offline. In previous article we have given detail guidelines about how to file income tax return online, offline or TRP schemes. You can file income tax return online by following only 13 step and without any professional help.

Procedure to file income tax return line/e-filing of income tax return step by step 

Step 1. Log on to and click on icon to e-file Income Tax Return or to

Step 3: Download e-filing utility from the official website of Income Tax Department. We will cover all detail how to use income tax department’s utility to file return later.

Step 4: Enter all the detail information in given form. It must be validated after putting required information. It will generate XML file which you have to save in your computer for upload. Keep all supporting/related document with you while filling the ITR form.

Step 5: Create your account with user ID and password on the website It is require to upload your income tax return.

Step 6: Now login with your user ID and password

Step 7: Select Assessment year for which year you want to file the return. After selected it will show your PAN and assessment year selected bu you.

Step 8: You must verify your PAN and assessment year

to avoid late refund or other issues.

Step 9: Now select your ITR form no. i.e. ITR-1/ITR-2/ITR-3/ITR-4. See: Which income tax return form to file ?

Step 10: Select yes if you have digital signature or no if you have not. (Digital Signature is mandatory for all audit cases and companies).

Step 11: Now click on Browse to select XML file which you have saved in your computer. Now, click to “Upload” button.

Step 12. After completing upload process the pop will be shown to download your acknowledgment receipt in PDF format. The PDF file will be password protected. The password will be your PAN followed by the date of birth in small letters.

Step 13: In case of non-digital signature. You must print out acknowledgement/ITR-V and sign on it. It should be mailed to “Income Tax Department – CPC, Post Bag No.1, Electronic City Post Office, Banglore-560100, Karnataka, “BY ORDINARY POST ONLY with in 30 days after the date of filing income tax return online.s.

If you miss the 30 days period then It is deemed by the department that you have not filed your income tax return. So you shall be required to re-submit the income tax return followed by submitting new form ITR-V within 30 day. It will complete the return filing process.

In case of digital signature. On generation of acknowledgement the return filing process get completed. You should print out ITR-V acknowledgement for you your record only.

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