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How to file nj state tax return

how to file nj state tax return

Ask your tax preparer or use an approved commercial tax software package yourself.

If you have requested an extension, you will still be able to file your 2010 return electronically. Both NJ Web File and NJ E-File may still be used through October 15, 2011.

Some of the benefits of using electronic filing include automatic calculation of the return which reduces possible errors; scheduled payments up to the due date; and confirmation of the filing. Not only are these methods convenient, but you will also get your refund faster when you file electronically.

In addition, electronic filing is also available for federal income tax returns. Free tax preparation and e-filing services are offered by some private sector firms through a partnership with the IRS. Some of these services also

include free state filing.

This year, over 2.8 million 2009 returns have been filed electronically.

All individuals and firms must use one of the electronic filing services if they had filed 11 or more resident returns for the 2009 tax period. Nonresident, part-year resident, amended, prior-year, and fiduciary returns are not included in this requirement for the 2010 income tax filing season. The proposal amends N.J.A.C. 18:35-6.4 by lowering the practitioner e-file income tax return threshold from 25 or more tax individual gross income resident tax returns filed in the prior tax period, to 11 or more tax individual gross income resident tax returns a tax preparer anticipates filing during the tax year starting in 2010.Try electronic filing. See how it can work for you.

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