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How to file previous year taxes

how to file previous year taxes

The world is getting smaller and the Internal Revenue Service is getting smarter and more aggressive. In the past two years they have hired over 2,200 new employees to work in their International Tax Division which deals with expatriates. Now, U.S. Citizens and permanent residents are being required to prove they have filed their U.S. income tax returns no matter where they live in the world when renewing passports, applying to have a nonresident spouse live with them in the U.S. as well as other non tax related activities involving the U.S. government. If you are a green card holder and wish to renew or become a U.S. Citizen, they are going to make you prove you have filed your U.S. income tax returns

We are the experts in preparing past years tax returns for our clients who have failed to file those previous years' returns while living abroad or in the U.S. We prepare those previous year returns in an efficient and speedy manner. Most often due to foreign tax credits and the foreign earned income exclusion the preparation of past years returns still does not result in any taxed owed. The IRS can only charge penalties or disallow the foreign earned income exclusion if taxes are owed for that particular tax year when the return is filed late.

Because Don Nelson is both an attorney and C.P.A. he can provide his clients with the privacy of attorney client privilege and total confidentiality when discussing past unfiled or unpaid taxes and provide legal solutions to that problem. Other accountants and C.P.A.s cannot provide you with that privilege and the IRS can force those professionals to divulge information which the IRS should not hear.

The IRS statute of limitations for assessing taxes never expires if you fail to file a tax return for any tax year. As a US Citizen or permanent resident if your income exceeds a certain minimum amount (which varies for each calendar year) you must file a U.S. income tax return no matter where you live in the world and regardless of the

fact you may be paying taxes in your residence country.

What is the simple procedure to have all of your past year returns prepared?

1. We will send you a simple questionnaire which you will fill out for all years in which you owe a tax return. You may always at any time ask questions by email, fax or telephone.

2. If if will be helpful to look at your IRS record, we will order a copy of your IRS official transcript for all years involved. With the transcript we will be able to tell you any income that has been recorded against your social security number, and any assessments made by the IRS or if those assessments have expired.

3. After reviewing your data, we will send you a fee quote for the preparation of all your past returns. If we are doing many years at once that quote will be reduced by the "bulk rate" discount.

4. After you approve our reasonable fee quote, we will prepare the returns. We will probably have questions which can be resolved by email, phone or fax. The returns will then be sent you for your signature and filing by email attachment, fax, or the delivery service of your choice. If you provide us with the data in good order the entire process can take as little as 1 1/2 to 2 weeks.

Please phone, email or fax us with questions and to discuss your special situation. Most of our clients who have made the move to file past years returns have found the process simpler than they initially imagined and once it is accomplished they have found a great pressure removed from their life.

We also help entering or exiting nonresident U.S. visa holders each year file "dual status" returns in their first or final year of U.S. residency.

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