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How to file tax form 1099

how to file tax form 1099

Who can prepare and e-file 1099 Forms on

We have created for people like us. As we all know, a small percentage of population in United States own most of the financial wealth. The majority of population owns just a fraction, we are definitely part of the majority and so is is not for ultra- rich; they probably do not prepare and file their own 1099. So it was easy, creating a website for those who actually need to prepare and file 1099 themselves. Even our website can be used by small businesses (backbone of US economy) and Accountants/Tax Professionals/Law Firms/ CPA Firms. System allows single sign to add multiple accounts, eliminating needs to sign up for each client separately.

This is our second tax product that we have launched within a year after getting a huge response from our customers. Our first product was (IRS approved) designed to eliminate paper filing for 2290 e-File forms for Truckers who needed to file Heavy Vehicle Usage Tax. Within six month of going live and getting IRS approval, we have over 10,000 registered users and over 7,000 paid users. We continue to grow exponentially and in turn help clients’ save time and money by adopting e-Filing for tax forms.

Based on IRS Data, for the Tax Year 2009, approximately 32 million 1099-MISC paper forms were submitted to the IRS and imagine the damage these paper filings have done to the nature by using paper forms and wasting time and money.

We are committed to

help these paper filers move towards 100% e-file of 1099 Forms without having to pay more than what they have been paying to use paper filing and on top of that help filers save time & money. For year 2013 we will add more features on including mobile apps, automated import features so that more and more people can adopt our technology and save time & money with e-file that is available anytime anywhere using mobile and web platforms.

Financial Industry Level Security

Since you will be entering your sensitive data we have to make sure that your data remains safe, that is why we have implemented financial industry/bank level security on So you don’t have to worry about security of your information. We use 128 bit encryption for all your data and also we track every single visitor real time on our website. If you are in our property (website) we know who you are and where you are coming from. We also proactively engage visitors on our website to offer help by inviting to chat or discuss 1099 filing related questions.

Your Privacy

We take your privacy very seriously. We will never use your data in any unacceptable manner or sell it or share with a third party no matter what unless otherwise where required by law. You trust with your information and we respect it. Please check out our privacy policy section for more information and provide any feedback or concern you may have on our website.

IRS Approved e-file provider

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