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How to File Tax Online

By just following the below simple steps one can easily file the tax online.

If you have not registered then click on the Register Yourself button. Click here for F irst time registration process.

If you have already registered, then click on the Login Here button.

Provide your Credentials. User ID will be your PAN card NO.

Click on Login button.

If you don’t remember your password, just click on Forgot password link. You will be redirected to a new page where in you have to give your PAN card No to get new password. Click here for Steps to reset password .

After logging in, Click on Quick e-File ITR link from the Quick Link section.

The following screen appears with the PAN number auto populated.

Note: If you have multiple form-16’s then select From PAN Database radio buttor for Prefill Address with column.

Once you submit, the below screen will appear. The Tax Details sub tab will be pre-loaded with details.

If you have worked for more than one company then you can add them by clicking on the add button.

Now verifying the auto populated data with the Form-16’s, if the data is not auto populated or you have lost it by clicking save draft when there are blank values then just follow the below procedure to add them.

Income under salary(3) is nothing but Column-8 of your Form-16’s part-B value and Tax Deducted(4) will be the total value of Details of TAX detected and deposited in the central government account through challan in the section-II of part-A of Form-16.

If you have multiple form16’s then just add Column-8 of both form16’s and give the value. Similarly for Tax deducted value. For Example:

Gross Total Income of Company-1:

Tax Deducted from Company-1

Gross Total Income of Company-2:


Tax Deducted from Company-2

It is always safe to click on Save Draft button when you change or add some thing. You can do this at any point of time.

Now just we have verified or added the values in Tax details sub tab, add the income under salary details and paste them in the B1 column of the Income Details sub tab. So, in the above scenario the total value will be 472594 (356796+115798).

Add value in the other columns B2 and B3 if applicable. B4 will be auto populated.

Deduction under Chapter VI A section should be filled as per your form-16. If you have multiple form-16 then just add both the values of section 80c (for example) and input the value. Follow the same for all the other columns from C2 to C18.

C19 will be your total deductions and it will be auto calculated by the system.

Tax Computation also will be auto calculated, so you need not do anything here.

Now we are almost done. Go to the Taxes paid and verification sub tab to check the outcome. If Amount payable has some value then you have to pay the tax. You have to do self assessment.

If there is some value in the Refund column then you will be getting the amount back. After verifying, just click on submit. Download the ITR-V form generated, you can just go for eVerify option and submit it or take the print out of it and post it to the below address.

Income Tax Department – CPC,

Post Bag – 1,

Electronic City Post Office,

Bangalore – 560 100, Karnataka.

Disclaimer:Please do not take this as professional financial advice. Its always better to check with CA while filing tax. We accept no liability for any interpretation of articles or comments on this blog being used for actual investments/taxation purposes.

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