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How to file turbo tax

how to file turbo tax

Turbo tax

Turbo Tax Home & Business Edition Tax Refund Software

Intuit Personal Finance, the parent company of the Turbo Tax Programs, began in 1983 with the introduction of Quicken, personal finance software, later adding Quick Books and Turbo Tax to their software lineup. Intuit was ranked number one among computer software companies by Fortune Magazine in 2013. Turbo Tax is the best tax program whether you use the online version or purchase theCD. Your Turbo Tax refund will be in your hands before you know it. No program is as quick at securing your tax refund.

I have personally used Turbo Tax Home and Business Edition Tax Software for the past three years, and have found it to be the best home based business tax preparation software on the market. Prior to using Turbo Tax for the first time, I struggled through several other software options that were not only difficult to use, but often didn't follow through with the correct information. It was difficult and everything had to be separately keyed in. All my information didn’t carry over from one year to the next and had to be repeated several times during the process. Turbo Tax was easy. It was a one and done step and my basic information carried over from year to year.

Turbo Tax Home and Business works on four basic steps. First, you input your personal information by answering easy questions about your life, investments, and self-employment data. Second, the software helps you maximize your personal deductions by searching over 350 different deductions, including family, mortgages, and other personal information. The third step is that of maximizing your business deductions and is individualized with 60 different industries to insure you get the deductions that are right for your business. The final step double checks your federal return to make sure there aren't any errors or audit flags. Then you can either e-file or print and mail your return. As with any business, deductions are crucial when tax time rolls around. Turbo Tax makes it easy to identify various deductions, percentages, and prompts users to make sure they are not missing out on valuable tools that could be overlooked with other packages.

Turbo Tax also allows the data from your federal return to be transferred directly to your state's forms and guides you through the preparation of your state return as well.

With Turbo Tax Home and Business Edition the user can directly input data from their Quicken software program into their tax preparation forms. Quicken works alongside Turbo Tax with the click

of the mouse, allowing for valuable information to be stored and not forgotten about. TurboTax Home & Business helps you prepare unlimited forms, such as 1099's and W-2 forms for employees and contractors. They do the math and guarantee 100% accuracy.

Many tax preparers charge upwards of $200 to prepare and file home business federal and state returns. The price for Turbo Tax Home and Business remains well below that at $89.95 and can be downloaded directly from the site, or purchased on CD-ROM. This includes your state return as well, but only allows you the choice of one state. E-filing charges are extra, but minimal and your return and refund are processed within usually 8 days.

The quality I like most about Turbo Tax software is its explanations. If you have a question regarding any line on your return, you simply press the "?" button next to the prompt and an easy to understand explanation box appears. Using Turbo Tax for my home and business have made the drudgery of filing taxes and easy and almost enjoyable experience, and best of all, I can do them when I want and have time to; without having to make an appointment with someone else. I've even been known to do my taxes in my pajamas.

With Turbo Tax your refund will be direct deposited into your bank account in about 14 days versus up to 6 weeks if you file the old fashioned way, through the mail. More and more tax software companies are available to users today, but going with the number one name in tax software and the number one name in accounting software (Intuit and Quick Books), you can be sure that your taxes will be done correctly the first time. Turbo Tax checks all returns to make sure that the information is correct before they submit your return to the IRS and State Tax offices. They ask the right questions, and have you double check your return. Turbo Tax also looks for errors, red flags that could cause the IRS to reject your return or cause them to audit your return.

Turbo Tax is number one for a reason. With Turbo Tax you will get your tax refund sooner. Turbo Tax software is the easiest, most effective way to do your taxes, whether you are simply doing a personal return, or if you run a small business and are self-employed, Turbo Tax has the right program options to fit your individual needs. There are so many other programs available now, but the only one that is worth the money is Turbo Tax.

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