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How to file utah state taxes

how to file utah state taxes

Prepayment Requirements

You must prepay the following by the original due date; tax credits and withholdings are counted as prepayments:

  • 90% of your Utah tax*; or
  • 100% of the previous year’s Utah tax* if you filed a Utah income tax return for the previous year.

*Utah tax is not the tax due for the return but the total Utah tax before prepayments, withholdings, and most credits. See the instructions on the tax return for additional information and specific details.

Entities filing as a partnership, s-corporation, or trust also automatically get an extension to file the return but must pay 100% of the taxes due by the original due date.

Other Tax Extensions

Businesses with other tax filing requirements may request an extension to file a return (this is not an extension to pay taxes, only to file the

return). Requests for extension to file these returns must be submitted to the Tax Commission in writing before the due date of the return. There is no form for these requests, use a business letter format including the account number, period, and reason you need the extension.

Tax Commission Publications

The following Tax Commission publications give additional information and explain various aspects of the billing and collection process, and outline taxpayer rights and responsibilities.

  • Pub 2 – Utah Taxpayer Bill of Rights
  • Pub 4 – Voluntary Disclosure Program
  • Pub 17 – Waivers - Reasonable Cause
  • Pub 22 – Offer in Compromise
  • Offer in Compromise Booklet – A booklet containing complete information and forms for offers in compromise
  • Pub 36 – Property Tax Abatement, Deferral and Exemption Programs for Individuals

Details Last Updated: 17 May 2012

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