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NO ITIN--How to File State tax for CA & WI

how to file wi state taxes

I have applied for ITIN for my wife when I filed for federal returns. But for filing state returns I do not have ITIN and I need to file for 2 states CA & WI :confused:

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Hi. Iam here with L1B visa and my family joined here in Apr last year 2006 I have applied for ITIN for them, but I am yet to recive that. In case if I cannot get ITIN by Apr 15, then How do I file state tax. Please advice.

Hi, I have filed the tax without my wife's ITIN. I am not aware of ITIN. I USED turbotax software. It said only SSN was missing. It doesn't said about the ITIN and W-7 form. The IRS paid me very little amount and said my wife's SSN was missing. I am waiting for their letter. After.

Hi I have been working in California for

entire 2006. During October 2006 I changed my status from F1 (OPT) to H1B. I got married in December outside US and returned to US along with my wife (H4 visa) in 3rd week of December. 1. As per information on IRS web site and other sources.

I am going to submit W-7 for and my federal tax to get the ITIN for my spouse and kids. IRS site says that it will take 4 to 6 weeks to get the ITIN no. If I will not receive ITIN no in time then what should I do to file my State Tax?

Hi, I have applied for ITIN for my spouse with my federal tax. Last year I had income from California and New Jersey. IN NJ they ask me to send copies of W7 form and federal taxes with NJ tax return. But I am not sure about California? Can I do same thing with California return? Thanks for.

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