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How to fill in a french tax return

how to fill in a french tax return

Get professional help to fill-in your French income tax returns

If you're not too sure about how to fill-in your french income tax returns or preparing your on-line returns, what not get information, calculations and help from a professional in plain english?

How does it work?

1st step: Gather all the documents you think might concern your income taxable in France in 2011. If you have several miscellanous pices of information write them down or type them in a message.

Your income might be salaries, dividends, capital gains, income from a business, etc. Add to your message text the infomation that describe you family situation, family that live with you, or other dependents, note the way you help family members, the investments you have done and that could entitle you to any tax benefit, etc..

You count your documents and place your order based on the number of documents (see rates below). You send your documents attached to a message to .

Step 2: I

will contact you and we will clear up some points as needed by exchanging emails with you in plain english .

Step 3: I send you your completed returns with your detailed calculation. If you are satisfied, you just have to sign your return online or on paper. If you are not satisfied, you can explain why and we quickly and happily start again your return until you are satisfied.

Is the confidentiality of my data protected ?

Confidentiality is paramount. As tax lawyer I am bound by professional secrecy and I guarantee the protection of your data as soon as they arrive on my machine. Your information and documents are destroyed after treatment as soon as you are satisfied or as soon as you request the closure of the consultation, or at any time upon request.

Feel free to ask any question about this service

This service and information, documents and data are subject to the rules defined in conditions gйnйrales d’utilisation du site .

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