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How to Fill Out a W-4 Form

how to fill out tax forms

Transcript: How to Fill Out a W-4 Form

Hi, I'm Omar Saad here for, and today, we're going to take a look at how to fill out a W-4 form using information from's Tax Planning site.

Basics of Filling Out a W-4 Form

The W-4 is probably one of the most common IRS forms around. If you've ever been employed, you've certainly filled one out. They tend to be pretty straightforward, but it's not uncommon to have some questions when filling it out. Let's take a closer look. The W-4 form consists of two pages. The top portion of page 1 is the personal allowance worksheet that you keep for your personal records. The bottom portion of the first page is the section that you fill out and return to your employer. And page 2 contains additional worksheets and tax tables, also for your records.

Begin to Fill Out the W-4 Form

Starting at the top in box number one, provide your name: first, last, and middle initial. Directly beneath where you entered your first name, you will need to enter in your complete address. Proceed to box two and enter in your social security number. Box three will require you to enter your marital status. If you are

married but want to withhold at the higher single rate, check the box furthest right. Next, move on to box number five and enter in the total number of allowances you are claiming. If you are single or are married and have a spouse who doesn't work and are unsure of what to enter here, simply complete the worksheet on the top of page one to determine your withholding allowance. If you are married and your spouse does work, use the worksheet on page 2 to determine your withholding allowance.

Finish Filling Out the W-4 Form

Box six can be filled out if you would like any extra money withheld from each paycheck. Box seven can be filled out if you are claiming an exemption from withholding for the given tax year. Note, however, that to do this, you must meet the criteria listed within section seven. Once complete, you will just need to sign and date the form and return it to your employer. With literally dozens of IRS forms that one can fill out, many of which being extremely complex, you can rest assured that the W-4 will be one of the easiest. You just need to take the time to read it carefully and you shouldn't have any trouble completing it.

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