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How to find an H&R Block office near you

how to find a tax office

Set an appointment at an office near you.

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When it comes to tax services, H&R Block is among the most recognizable names. The company is the largest provider of tax services in the world, and is an uncontested leader in tax return preparation.

There are around 12,000 locations in the United States. In fact, the company claims most people live within five miles of an office. Still, it goes even further to help find a nearby location using its online office locator.

Finding an H&R Block tax office in your area is really quite simple when

you visit their office finder web-page. Under “Let’s Get Started”, all you have to do is enter your zip code or address. When entering a zip, for example, a list of locations appears and you can select the right one.

Hit search and a complete list of all the nearby H&R Block offices appears. Not only does it provide the address, phone number, and links to directions. Exact distances are also provided in miles!

Easy appointments

Available appointment times are listed as well. If these don’t work, then you can hit “Choose Appointment” to pick a time or another date using the integrated calendar. Information about individual offices is provided.

This includes office hours and the services offered at that location. In addition, profiles on tax associates and advisors working out of that office are available.

The world’s

tax leader

H&R Block opened in 1955 and operates in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, among various other U.S territories. According to the company, it prepared over 24 million tax returns in 2014. About 80,000 people are employed by them in the U.S. and around 9,000 of them are bilingual.

The shear numbers are supported by the services provided. These revolve around the ability to help clients claim refunds and credits. Tax professionals employed by the organization must complete a 14-level certification.

They become master tax advisors yet still must complete 15 hours a year of continuing education courses. The CPA’s, Enrolled Agents, and tax attorneys employed there are highly skilled. Even former IRS agents serve clients.

Tax offices also operate on military bases around the world. Many military service members rely on the company for tax preparation while military spouses have preferred access to the H&R Block Income Tax Course. It prepares them to offer tax preparation services with the company.

Hassle free online appointments

People have easy access to comprehensive tax preparation and the latest e-filing, advice, and support. Best of all, appointments can be made quickly online with the company’s office locator. All the offices within reach of a user’s location can be found.

Just select an available time and provide your contact information and social security or tax identification number. You’ll then be contacted at the email you provide. H&R Block has made it that simple.

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