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How do i find out if there is a tax lien or back taxes owed on my home

how to find back taxes owed

Whitesboro, NY | May 29, 2010 1:49pm

we currently rent from my inlaws and we are looking to purchase but there might be back taxes or a lien on th eestate/property

Ayuban Antonio TomasLawrence W. Lobb

Posted May 29, 2010 9:38pm

In general, any lien that attaches to property for undue taxes (income or property) must be recorded in the county records where the proprty resides. This is required so that any potential purchaser of the property may search the records and is put on notice that these past due amounts must be satisfied before title of the property may change hands free and clear. It also puts other claimants against the property on notice of prior claims and those with potentially greater priority.

To obtain information about the property, the county records would need to be searched. Many county recorder's offices now have websites that can be searched by either entering the PIN or address. If your particular county has not converted to an electronic system, you would need to physically go to the office and search the records. A title company could also perform this search on your behalf for

a fee and provide you with the findings. As the response above indicated, purchasing title insurance can protect you in the event that you purchase the property and an undiscovered lien is later revealed.

I recommend that you speak with a real estate attorney in your local area concerning this potential purchase. They are accustomed to ording title searches/insurance, handling such issues as part of a closing, and will know how to advise you accordingly. Any cost associated (which should be relatively minimal) will be well worth your protection in verifying and obtaining clear title.

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