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How to enter spouse 2012 tax info? AGI? PIN? Error IND-032-01

how to find my pin for taxes

I am filing married/joint for 1st time.  I can't figure out how to enter my husband's 2012 tax info that Turbo Tax asked for me, like AGI, etc.  Because of this, I'm getting IND-032-01 error.  After waiting 2 hours on chat last night the chat person said that's a legal issue I need advice on and he/she can't help with.  Said "I legally can't help you with this."  Huh?  I said I don't need tax advice, I need directions on how to fix the error and enter the missing info.  He/she repeated and said I'd be connected to another dept, then I was booted out without being connected to anyone after LOTS of wasted time.  Looks like other people have this issue and Turbo Tax isn't addressing it.  Someone, please, help.

TurboTax Product Support

10:52 am PST January 31, 2014

hello joe.sangillo I would be happy to answer your question!

To e-file your taxes, the IRS needs to verify your identity (and your spouse’s, if you're filing jointly) with a 5-digit Electronic Filing PIN .

Simply click here  (or call 1-866-704-7388 ) to get your official PIN from the IRS's Electronic Filing Service.

The IRS will request a few pieces of information from last year's tax return for verification purposes. Once you've provided that, you'll get your 5-digit PIN so you can e-file your 2013 return. (You'll also need to request a separate PIN for your spouse if you're filing a joint return.)

Your assigned PIN can only be used to e-file your 2013 return, so there's no need to memorize it or write it down for next year.

What about the 6-digit IP PIN - is that the same thing?


The 6-digit Identity Protection PIN (or IP PIN) is only issued in cases of identity theft and is not related to the 5-digit Electronic Filing PIN.

What if I can't get a PIN through the IRS's Electronic Filing Service?

If you didn't file a 2012 return, you won't be able to get an Electronic Filing PIN, nor will you need one.

As you step through the e-filing screens, make sure you select the option that indicates you didn't file a 2012 return.

A less common reason you can't get a PIN is that your 2012 return was processed by the IRS after November 23, 2013. In that case, use the alternate AGI verification method .

What if the PIN I used last year doesn't work?

Last year's PIN most likely won't work with this year's return.

You'll need to get a new PIN from the IRS's Electronic Filing Service. Simply click here  (or call 1-866-704-7388 ) to get your PIN.

What if my IRS-issued PIN keeps getting rejected?

If your return gets rejected for an incorrect PIN, here's a few suggestions:

  • First, verify your PIN by requesting it again. Maybe you entered it wrong or wrote it down incorrectly?
  • If you're positive that your PIN is correct, use the alternate AGI verification method .
  • Call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 to talk to an agent. They can verify the 2012 filing information you need to get a valid PIN.
  • Instead of e-filing, consider filing your return by mail .
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