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How to find out your tax file number

how to find out your tax file number

How do you get a Pennsylvania tax ID number?

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It is important to note that providers of childcare services are not required to issue form W-10 to parents or guardians. However, they must comply when handed the form or face the penalty. Discussing this matter with the day care center may be all one needs to get the information. According to Family Child Care Taxes, parents can still get the tax credit should a day care provider refuse to cooperate. The alternative method is to go to the IRS website and download form 2441, Child and Dependent Care Expenses.

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How do you find a company's tax ID number?

Company tax identification numbers are procured from the Internal Revenue Service, public company documents or fee-based resources such as Lexis or Westlaw. The IRS issues, stores and maintains all

employer tax identification numbers in the United States. However, the IRS requires authorization from the underlying company to receive the tax ID number.

How do you find your IRS tax ID number?

The Internal Revenue Service issues several different types of tax identification numbers depending on the person or entity applying. Most U.S. citizens use their social security numbers for tax identification. Most non-citizens must contact the IRS to obtain an individual ID.

How can I find my Federal Tax ID Number?

For most individuals, their federal tax identification number is a Social Security number. If lost or forgotten, this number often can be found by inspecting tax documents or Medicaid cards. The Social Security Administration says it can issue a duplicate card if the individual provides acceptable proof of identity.

What is the phone number for your state tax office?

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