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Where to find IRS tax forms and publications

how to find tax forms

Where to get IRS tax forms

James Skye

Over the past few years, the IRS has made a strong push to become a little greener. And, no, that doesn't mean collect more money, although that remains a strong component of the Treasury Department's responsibility.

With respect to paper forms, the IRS has moved away from sending out the pre-printed 1040 packages and has been encouraging electronic tax filing, both for its ease of processing and for the advantages that taxpayers benefit from, such as a quicker refund turnaround time and increased accuracy.

But should you still require paper IRS forms for the current or past year, where can you obtain them?

The easiest place to locate IRS forms is directly on the service's web site, On the home page, click on the link for Forms and Publications on the top left side.

On the next page, under the heading Download Forms and Publications By. you will be presented with options to access the different forms and publications.

If you select Form and Instruction Number. you will be able to pull up most common forms. They are in numerical order, or a search can be done by product number, title or revision date. The same can be done by clicking on the link for Publication Number .

If you are not sure of the name or the

number of the form or publication you need, click on the Topical Index. There you can scroll through a listing of relevant topics and their related forms or pubs.

Another popular heading is the Previous Years forms and publications. Since many of the forms change due to annual tax law changes, don't assume that you can use the most recent revision of a tax form. Some forms, such as the different 1040 series, require that you use the form specific to the year you are filing.

Another option on the IRS web page is to order the forms and publications you need through the mail. This service is specific to the current year tax forms only. Most products will be available in January of the following year, but delivery dates could be impacted by any late tax legislation.

You may order up to 10 different products and you will receive two copies of each ordered form and one copy of each ordered publication. The IRS will automatically include any applicable instructions in your order. Allow 7 to 15 days for the IRS to process and ship your order.

For those with no access to a computer, you can call the IRS and order tax forms at 1-800-TAX-FORM (829-3676).

During filing season as well, forms may be available at your local library, post-office or year round at IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers .

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