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How to find tax percentage

how to find tax percentage

Finding a Percentage. a selection of answers from the Dr. Math archives.

Fractions, Decimals, Percentages - Dr. Math FAQ How do you convert decimals and percentages to fractions and back?

Finding a Percentage

How do you arrive at a percentage that a number is of a number? Example: what percent of 32000 is 2000?

Percent Problem What percentage of 76 is 27?

Percentage Problems What number is 25 percent of 24? 24 is what percentage of 25? 24 is 25 percent of what number?

Percentages in Algebra What number increased by 30% = 260?

Percentages as Comparisons If A is a certain percentage of B, how do A and B relate to each other?

34 is 51 Percent of J

About problems that use the word "of."

Price before Discount A calculator is discounted 20 percent. After adding 7 percent tax, the total cost is $20.07. What was the list price of the calculator, without tax, before discount?

Sales and Taxes I bought $27.97 worth of food. The food tax is 5.5%. I'm trying to find the tax I have to pay, and the total amount that I pay.

When Percentage Calculations are Inappropriate How do I best calculate the percentage of goal when at least one of the numbers is a negative number?

More than 100%?

More Than 100 Percent Is there anything larger than 100 percent, like 200 percent or 300 percent?

Percentage as Standard for Comparison How can you have more than 100% of something?

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