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How to find tax pin

how to find tax pin

Logging in

To use our online services to update your tax and employer records and/or to file tax returns and make payments, you will need to:

  • Enter your tax identification number. This is your New Jersey ID, which usually consist of the 9 digit Employer Identification Number originally issued by the IRS, plus a three digit suffix assigned by the State of New Jersey. This is the number you used to register for tax/employer purposes. Enter the 9 digit ID followed by the suffix. If you do not know the suffix. enter three zeros (000). Do not enter spaces, dashes or slashes (format: 123456789000).
  • Enter your PIN. This can be any valid 4 digit PIN issued by the Divisions of Taxation or Revenue. For instance, you can use your quarterly wage reporting (WR30 or NJ927) PIN.
    • If you do not have your PIN, to access all online tax/employer services now and in the future, create a Premier Business Service (PBS) account. PBS will provide you with one-stop, secure access to all of your tax/employer filings, and will enable you to view your filing and payment history. Click here to set up your PBS account


  • For tax returns and payments of all kinds, use the quick path log in option (not available for Form WR-30 *). Enter your tax identification number and business name. Note that with this option you will not be able to access your filing and payment history and only e-check and credit card payment options will be available.
    • If you need to file Form WR-30 and do not have a PIN, you will need to open a Premier Services Account. Click here to set up your PBS account .
  • Key Services

    We offer a number of key online services to registered businesses.

    You can use the online service to add or remove tax eligibilities. You may also store your banking information for use in our Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payment program. Also using the online application, you can change: your temporary tax ID # to a newly acquired ID -- Federal Employer ID # (FEIN) plus three digit suffix; your mail to address (for tax forms); and your business cycle (all year to seasonal or the reverse)

    You may pay tax/employer obligations via e-check, credit card or EFT.

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