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Lost TFN? 5 Ways to Find Your Tax File Number

how to find your tax file number

Posted by Tax Advisor on 20 September, 2014

Can’t Find Your TFN? Call the ATO to find out your Tax File Number or look through documents…

In order to lodge a tax return, you’ll need your Tax File Number (TFN).

Even if your name or residency changes, your TFN will remain the same throughout your life. In other words, it’s something you’ll want to memorize or hold onto.

We understand that memorizing this random combination of numbers is easier said than done. If you forgot your TFN, there’s more than one way to find it.

5 (easy)Ways to Find Your Tax File Number

If you can’t find your TFN anywhere, try looking in these documents:

  1. an income tax notice of assessment
  2. any correspondence from the ATO
  3. a payment summary
  4. a superannuation member statement

5. you can phone the ATO directly at 13 28 61

Why You’ll Need to Find Your TFN

Without a TFN, you’ll be limited on what you can do.

If you forgot your Tax File Number,  it’s a good idea to look through the documents mentioned above or call the ATO in order to find it as soon as possible.

As mentioned, you’ll need to find out your Tax File Number in order to lodge an Australian tax return.  You’ll also need your TFN in order to do the following;

  • lodge an Australian tax return
  • ask the ATO a question about your taxes
  • apply for income assistance or support payments
  • claim the Family Tax Benefit
  • use PAYG withholding
  • start a new job, which includes filling out a Tax file number declaration or Withholding declaration
  • earn income from a savings account or investment
  • receive a HELP payment
  • join a superfund

If you’re an Australian nonresident, you won’t need a TFN to earn interest from an Australian bank account, dividends from Australian shares, or royalty payments.

What To Do If You’ve Never Had a TFN

If you’ve never received a Tax File Number in the first place, you can apply for a tax file number online. However, after applying, you’ll be required to print the application summary documents and attend an interview at a nearby Australian Post Office within 30 days.

Not sure where the closest Australian Post Office is? Here’s an Australian Post Office list that will help you find an outlet near you.

Have a TFN? Get Started on Your Tax Return Today!

Whether you lost your TFN or never had one in the first place, you’ll be able to lodge your 2014 tax return once you have your tax file number!

If you missed doing a previous year tax return because of your missing TFN, you’ll also be able to get caught up on your late tax return with E-Lodge!

It’s Easier With E-Lodge™

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