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How to Get a Federal Tax Id Number

how to get a federal tax number

Most banks require a Federal Tax Id Number (EIN) before they will allow you to open a business bank account.

Although you may apply for an EIN by obtaining an application form from your local IRS office, I have added this page to enable you to obtain your EIN as easily as possible. I am happy to tell you that the process of obtaining an EIN has become a lot easier than it used to be.

Need a Federal Tax Id Number NOW ?

Perhaps you have received checks for products and services that you need to deposit into a business checking account, but your bank won't let you because it needs an EIN number, or you need to make a tax payment.If you need your federal tax id number now rather than later, the IRS has a process whereby you can apply for it online or over than telephone, rather than faxing or mailing your application. In most cases, you might

be able to receive your EIN the same day that you apply. However, this requires that you file a complete application, which requires a little preparation on your part.

The IRS previously required taxpayers to complete an Application for Employer Identification Number (EIN), which was referred to as Form SS-4. However, the IRS now allows you to apply for your federal tax id number online or over the telephone, which expedites the process and allows you to get your EIN a lot quicker.

1) Preferred Method: Apply for Your Federal Tax Id Number Online

Visit the IRS web page by using the provided toward the end of this page. The IRS web page contains some important information and a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page about obtaining your federal tax id number online. There is also a link named "Apply Online Now" that gets your application started. The Applications are processed in real hours during the following times:

EIN Application Processing Hours:

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