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So You Want To Know How To Get A Girl To Like You?

If you want to know how to get a girl to like you and be able to confidently approach and communicate with women then you’ve come to the right place. On this site you’ll find heaps of articles and advice on how to tackle this special subject. Too be honest it’s not that difficult to get the edge and with a bit or reading you’ll be ready to go out and try some of the approaches and enjoy the company of many gorgeous girls. In no time you’ll know how to get a girl to like you.

All Women Are Different

All Women Are Different

Yes it seems obvious but some women like some things in men that others may find quite a turn off. Just because one girl doesn’t like you doesn’t mean that it will be the same for another. As the saying goes “beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. The trick here is not to take knock backs too seriously. There is definitely a girl out there for you.

They Are Only Human

Believe it or not most women are just as concerned about finding the right man just as much as you are interested in finding the right girl. Oh and by the way women are into sex just as much as men are. At the end of the day they are all only human and if you follow some basic rules you’ll be pulling them in no time at all. Just stop and think for a minute, put yourself in her shoes and consider the following questions as you approach the girl of your dreams.

Are You Too Confident or Too Shy?

So it’s back to basics I’m afraid, if you come over too confident it can be just as much a turn off as being too shy. You need to come across with the right level of confidence without looking like some kind of arrogant idiot who thinks he’s a gift to women. The same being said for being too shy, it will probably make her feel uncomfortable. Sure there are girls who think shy men are quite sweet but you’re not here to be sweet you’re here to get laid aren’t you? Ok perhaps after you get to know her a bit better. If you are really struggling either way then you could probably do with further reading on how to communicate effectively. If you really want results then it will be worth the effort of reading up further on this subject. It can help you in many areas, such as your career, not just in the love game.

What’s Cool in Your Life?

So let’s say you’ve managed to break the ice, what do you talk about next. If you’ve nothing to talk about then you’re going to look pretty boring. The trick here is to sort your own life out first and fill it with things that you are interested in. You need to be your own person before you can really confidently come across as someone who’s well grounded and a good bet. Believe me most girls find a quiet self confidence really attractive. If you have this box ticked you’ll be well on your way.

Will You Make A Lasting Impression?

Will You Make A Lasting Impression?

So you’ve managed to catch this cute girls ear for a few minutes, what impression will you leave of yourself in that short space of time? Will she think back to what a nice guy you where or will she question why she ever bothered to talk to you? Well, it takes all sorts to make the world go round so I wouldn’t get too hung up on worrying about making too much of a big impression. Focus on being sincere and you will more than likely start to gain her trust which can make a much bigger impression than showing off. If she can’t trust you then she surely won’t want to get closer to you. So honesty is the best tactic here and if you win her trust rest assured that you’ll be leaving a lasting impression.

Could You Be Her Soulmate?

Women are fragile creatures who often operate on a slightly deeper level than us simple men folk. Once you leave a good impression she’ll start to think further about the type of man you really are. In some cases they’ll be looking for a soulmate, I know this is all real deep but hey that’s women for you. I could try to put this into more words but I’ll leave this area for you to work out for yourselves. Put it this way, the more time you take to try an understand women the more you’ll reap the rewards. You may even be looking for the same thing at the same time and if so you’ll need to know the signs.

Can You Flirt With Her?

Can You Flirt With Her?

Part of knowing how to get a girl to like you is the art of flirting, get this bit wrong by going too far and you’ll be wasting your time. There are many do’s and don’ts with flirting that you need to make sure you’ve got a decent handle. You’ll need to know the rights signs to look for in terms of body language. If you can master the art of flirting with women then you’ll certainly be able to be far more effective getting the


Are You Her Friend?

This is another important aspect of winning a girls heart. Remember most successful couples will tell you that their partner is their best friend as well as their lover. Also you should really work on being more just a random stranger before you start flirting. This will increase your chances greatly. If you can get closer to her by being friendly to start with she may start to trust you a little. Then you can think about proceeding to the next step. Remember she may be really shy as well so look out for the signs that tell you this as otherwise you might misread that she’s not into you at all. Again body language can play an import part in working out how she feels about you.

Can You Really Talk To Her?

It’s all down to trust, if you can really talk to a girl then the chances are that she is not only just interested in you but she also trusts you especially if she talks at the same level with you. This is a good sign that you are both on the same page and even if it’s early days you may choose to test the water and see if you can move the relationship on a notch. Don’t be afraid to do so as you may well be surprised with the results and too be honest nothing ventured is nothing gained. However, you may still need to be really careful that you don’t go too far, again look out for the right body language.

Are You A Romantic?

I know it’s soppy but girls just dig romance, this can really make the difference. Romance doesn’t even have to cost the earth. It can be a walk together at sunset, a picnic or flowers. The thing is that all this stuff shows that you think on a slightly deeper level than all the other dullards out there and that you really care and want to make her feels special. This makes such a difference when trying to win a girls heart so don’t take the romantic stuff too lightly. I’m off to buy flowers for my girl!

Can You Touch Each Other?

Can You Touch Her?

Touch is such an important part of any real relationship with a girl. Have you managed to get through the touch barrier yet? If not this is something you will need to pay attention to. It can be quite difficult to know when to make the first move with this and if you get it wrong it can be really embarrassing. However, there are signs you can look for such as is she making eye contact with you or does she look comfortable. There quite a few approaches that you can try out here which we’ll go into more detail in one of the articles to be posted very soon.

Can You Make Her Laugh?

Let’s face it people who make you laugh are good to be around. Usually you only laugh together if you are on the same wavelength and it also has the power of breaking down barriers. People feel more comfortable in each others company when they are at ease and humour can really get you in the right place much quicker than many other techniques. Practice a little humour as much as you can, make it a habit and if you can show that you can take a joke. This demonstrates that you have the confidence to deal with criticism and that you are well balanced. Let’s face it who wants to date a nut bar that can’t take criticism?

Does She Like Your Compliments?

Wow, this is a good one. If she shows that she enjoys your compliments then it shows that she cares what you think. We all love compliments and they cost nothing. Be generous with your compliments but make sure they are well timed, sincere and not too over the top. If you like things about her then you shouldn’t be afraid to tell her without making it creepy. If she’s changed her hair or had her nails done, let her know that you like it. However, try not to make too many compliments about how she looks otherwise she might think you are a bit shallow. If she is gorgeous she will have heard it all before so try to focus on complimenting in other areas such as by finding out what her achievements or beliefs are. Do this and you really will start to get to know her well.

Do You Look The Part?

Do You Look The Part

Seems obviously really but who wants to be seen with someone who can’t take care of themselves. Ask yourself if you think that the girl that’s got your attention would appreciate bad breath or untidy clothes. Girls tend to notice this stuff first before you get the chance to show off any of your other qualities. This is a where a little attention to being well groomed can pay big dividends not just with dating. By being fit, healthy and well groomed you’ll naturally exude confidence. I think I’ve mentioned before that girls love a man who is quietly confident. Try taking a little exercise you’ll be surprised how great you feel even after only a small amount, this will transfer into your daily life. So get yourself new shirt, have a shave and get set to knock her off her feet.

Have You Asked Her Out?

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