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How to get a minnesota tax id number

how to get a minnesota tax id number

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Log on to the Minnesota Revenue website under the business tax registration section (see References). Read through the content on the first page to ensure you have everything that you'll need to get your Minnesota tax ID: Federal employer ID number, legal name or sole-proprietor name, business address, business name if applicable, NAICS code (North American Industry Classification System), Social Security number, email address Click "Continue."

Enter the type of legal organization you are registering to get a tax ID. You can choose one from the drop-down menu. Click "Continue."

Apply a check mark on the applicable tax types that appear on the page. These include sales and use tax, withholding tax and MinnesotaCare tax. There is also an "Others" section that includes industry-specific taxes. Select a "begin date" from the drop-down menu for each tax type selected and click "Continue."

Read through the "Use Tax" section and select the filing frequency based on estimated monthly sales. You can select this using the drop-down menus selected on the page. You have to

select the filing frequency and accounting method to apply for a tax ID. Click "Continue" when done.

Apply a check mark to each of the additional taxes you are required to report for your business. There is a list of local taxes along with car-rental tax and liquor gross taxes. Click "Continue" when done.

Provide all of the relevant business tax information in the form presented. Required fields include your Social Security number, first and last name, and your full physical business address. You also need to provide your NAICS number. If you are unsure of the number, Minnesota Revenue gives you a link where you can search for it. Click "Continue."

Read over your summary information to ensure everything is correct. Click "Continue" to proceed with the registration or edit information that needs to be changed. Click "Continue" to approve your application to get a Minnesota tax ID number.

Check your email within 15 minutes of sending the application. Your registration information, along with the Minnesota tax ID number, will appear in an email from Minnesota Revenue.

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