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How to get a pa sales tax license

Things You'll Need

Business name and street address


Visit the state government website or phone the bureau of taxation or department of revenue for the state that you will do business in. If you will sell products or services in more than one state, you must have sales tax licenses in all pertinent locations.

Request the application for a reseller's certificate or sales tax license for the state.


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While each state has a different set of rules regarding applying for a sales tax permit, the main steps in the process.

States derive a portion of their revenue from sales taxes. Businesses in each state must collect sales taxes from the sale of.

The issuance of California sales licenses is overseen by the California State Board of Equalization (BOE). You must have a license if.

Thoroughly complete the state business license paperwork. Compile everything you need to satisfy each license requirement. You may need your personal and.

Michigan requires all businesses or individuals who sell personal property to consumers to collect sales tax. Wholesalers, businesses that sell products to.

Getting a sales permit requires visiting the local county or city government offices, filling out the application and paying any fees associated.

The reseller's tax ID number also goes by the names of "resale permit/license," "Certificate of Authority," "sales tax license" and even "seller's.


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