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Query regarding Road tax payment and refund

how to get a road tax refund

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29-Mar, 2013 03:54 PM

Hi All,

I've got a query regarding Road tax payment and refund. Owing to a Company transfer, I'll be sending my car back to my hometown (Chandigarh) and have got the NOC done from Pune RTO. Now, as I understand, the road tax payment and re-registration needs to be done at Chandigarh RTO once the car arrives there. And, after the road tax payment is done, I can apply for refund as I'd paid life time tax here in Pune which is a considerable amount. I enquired with the RTP agent who has done the work for getting the NOC ( did that in Rs. 900, I'm happy) and he told me that he doesn't do the refund processing and the owner needs to be present here in Pune for the refund. Also, the re-registration process needs to be done within 6 months of issuing the NOC.

If anyone here in this Pune has any inkling on the refund process and can asnwer some ro all of the follwoing queries,

it'll be quite helpful and appreciated.

1. Is it really mandatory to re-register the car or only the road tax payment can do the work. I'm asking this as I love the number of my car and do not want to let go of it.

2. In case I pay the road tax in Chandigarh and do not ask for refund here in Pune, do I need to pay the road tax once again in Pune if I ever return here iwth the same car.

3. If I want to go for the refund, does the presence of owner really required here in Pune?

4. If someone has applied for refund, how was their experience and how soon did they get the money back?ow

5. Once the car is in Chandigarh, how soon should I start the process of car tax payment and re-registration? Is there a timeline for it to comply with?

Looking for your answers and advice, my friends. Waiting to hear from you.



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