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How to get a tax clearance cert

how to get a tax clearance cert


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    How do I get a Tax Clearance Certificate?


Assuming a customer's tax affairs are in order, the required application form for a Tax Clearance Certificate can be obtained from the Revenue Commissioners. You must have a Tax Registration number before you can apply for a Tax Clearance Cert which is also obtained from your local tax office.

Angling Clubs will need to complete a registration form

for voluntary non-profit making organisations available here:

and forward it to your local tax office. You will be issued with a revenue registration number (tax number). Once you have been issued with a registration number you can apply for a tax clearance certificate using form TC1 available below:

Other applicants can also use form TC1 to apply for a Tax Clearance Certificate (assuming the applicant already has a PPS number, registration number etc.)

Application forms can be downloaded here:

TC1 application forms can be downloaded or completed on-line using the following weblink:

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