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How to Get a Tax ID Number

how to get a tax id number for a business

Here's how to get a tax ID number.

There are four tax ID numbers:

1. Business Tax ID Number, which can be an EIN, a Sales Tax ID Number or A Business Tax Registration Number

2. An Ein Number, which is an Employer Tax ID Number and could be a federal EIN or a State EIN

3. Federal Tax ID, IRS Tax ID Number - Federal Tax ID Number, which could be an EIN and/or a Business Tax ID Number

B. EIN Number

D. A Business Tax Registration ID Number

Every business must be identified by a business tax ID, which is either a federal tax ID number or a sole owner's social security.

Sole owners may use a Federal Tax ID as a business tax ID if they want.

Other than the above, there is another type of tax registration that has a tax number. It is called a business license

or permit or a home occupation permit and all business must get this one as well .

Thus, businesses are required to get a Business tax id, like a Federal Tax ID and a tax registration business license.

Obtaining a business tax id registration license is a separate business tax registration type as opposed to a federal tax ID that can be used as a business tax ID at the federal level.

There are 4 Business Tax ID Numbers. A federal tax ID number (Federal EIN), a State Employer (State EIN) Tax ID Number, a State Sales Tax ID Number ( seller's permit / wholesale license), and a Business Tax Registration ID (Business License).

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