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how to get car tax back

How To Get Your Car Back On The Road After.

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corollat3sport 14 Jun 2011

hi guys,

my insurance has ran out and there is a new law that if your car is not insured then you get fined. however there is an exception if your car is on private property and off the road but you have to do a SORN which i have done today, the reason for this is insurance prices increasing and becoming ridiculous

anyway i was thinking what will i have to do

to get the car back on the road and un-SORNED when i have the money for insurance, i have MOT and tax, just no insurance

i should have the car back on the road by the beginning of july so what do i have to do when i want it back on the road?

basically how do i insure a sorned car back onto the road in july

thanks guys

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nathjh 14 Jun 2011

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Jan&tone 14 Jun 2011

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