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1. Drink lots of water! -Your body tends to confuse thirst for hunger, so if your not getting enough water you’re going to feel hungry even when you’re not which can lead to bingeing. Water also helps you feel fuller so drinking it throughout the day can help keep you from eating extra calories or larger portions during a meal time.

2. Reduce your plate size. -Using smaller plates will help keep meals at their ideal portion sizes and trick your mind into thinking there’s a lot more there than there actually is, making you feel fuller when you should.

3. Don’t eat until you’re full, eat until you’re satisfied! - You should be eating until you’re about 80% full, not 100% full. You shouldn’t get that “over stuffed unbutton your pants” feeling, you should get that I’m not longer hungry and satisfied feeling.

4. Eat slower. -It takes time for your brain to recognize when you’re full. So chewing your food slowly and properly will give your body time to realize when you’re no longer hungry.

5. Don’t eat from the package. -when you eat from the package you lose track of how much you’ve actually eaten. So instead take the right serving size out of the bag and put it on a plate and the put the package away.

6. Don’t eat in front of the TV or Computer. -It takes focus away from what you are eating and how much you’ve eaten. You should be eating at a table where you are able to focus on your food and recognize when you’re no longer hungry.

7. Save Cardio for last. -This will be harder and more exhausting yes, but Cardio is the best and basically the only fat burning exercise. And your body doesn’t start burning fat until after 20 minutes of being active. So if you do all your other exercises first then a form of Cardio you’ll be burning fat at your best ^-^

8. Break up your exercises. -you should exercise in the morning to get your metabolism going throughout the day. But that shouldn’t stop you from doing some exercises in the evening or even in the middle of the day if you get the chance. Breaking up your exercises throughout the day will get your metabolism going to it’s max.

9. Have someone else prepare your plate. -If you’re eating some of your favorite foods and serving yourself you’re more likely to find yourself thinking “a little bit more will be okay, that should be the right portion size still,” and you’ll end up going over the correct size. So if you have a friend or someone who knows about your diet and knows the right portion sizes (you can even explain it to them if you need to) ask them to fix your plate so you don’t over do it.

10. Stop driving! -and start walking places that are close buy. Instead of driving to school, walk there. If it’s just a quick grocery run and you won’t have much to carry back, then walk there. And so on. This will take some extra time of course so try and set aside some time so that you can walk there. This also saves you money on gas. But please, make sure it’s a safe area to be walking in or don’t walk alone ^-^ Safety first.

11. Bring your own food! - This goes to college students, employees, high school students, and so on. Instead of going to a fast food place for food, or a grocery store’s bakery, or the cafeteria, bring your own food. Because most of the time food from those places are much more fatty and super high in calories, if you bring your own food you know just how many calories it all is and its all yours to plan and prepare. You’re able to make a meal perfect for you. And it’s cheaper.

12. Cardio everday! -even if it’s just walking. Try and get in cardio everyday. We walk everyday, it’s unavoidable, so you should be able to make room to go on a walk and if you absolutely can’t get out of your house then jog in place for half an hour or so. Also, if you find yourself unable to run or walk for a long period of time then break it down. Eventually you’ll get in better shape and be able to run for longer and longer periods of time, it takes time though. So don’t give up. Gradually build it up. )

13. Smart Phones. -If you have a smart phone you should definitely look into downloading an app for weight loss. It’ll help you keep track of calories, meals, your weight, and exercise. Get into the routine of using it daily. It makes keeping an eating/food/diet log a lot easier.

14. Pick small meals! -If you’re going out to eat at a restaurant or even a fast food place. Always go with the smaller sizes! Restaurants tend to over do it with the portion sizes, making their larger meals way bigger than the actual portion you should be eating!

15. Always eat breakfast! - It gets your metabolism going and is the

most important meal of the day. It always helps keep you from being over hungry or unnecessarily hungry throughout the day.

16. Eat Frequently. -You should be eating 4-5 small meals throughout the day. Eating low calorie snacks and your 3 main meals will help keep extra hunger away.

17. Sleep! -Your body needs sleep to repair and rejuvenate itself. Those who lack sleep tend to end up over eating and/or gain weight. Plus it gives you those dark circles.

18. NO SODA! -I know this will be challenging for a lot of people considering so many make it a part of their regular diet. But slowly cut back on soda until you no longer drink it except very very rarely. Just by taking soda out of your diet you’ll see some major improvement quickly. And don’t think diet is ok! Because diet is just as bad as non-diet. It still has as much sugar and hidden calories. Choose water or milk or juice, something healthy for you ^-^

19. Don’t get rid of everything. -Don’t completely rid your diet of a sugary foods, starches, fats, or carbs. Your body still needs those to function. They play an important part as long as they’re in moderation and in the appropriate severing.

20. Don’t make foods off limit! -Don’t completely cut out any food. Especially if its something you love, like cake or candy. If you do this you’re more likely to end up bingeing once you get a bite of it again. It’s okay to eat sugary foods or deserts every now and then or in moderation. Don’t be afraid to eat something sweet.

21. Eat after you exercise. -Always make sure you eat, something healthy, after you exercise. Try to find something high in protein if you can. Your body needs this food to help repair the muscle you’ve just damaged from exercising.

22. Emotional Exercising. -Most people have a problem where they eat when they’re bored or sad. Next time you’re bored don’t head for the kitchen, head outside or to the gym or where ever it is you exercise and do some workouts. You’ll feel much better. And if you’re sad try going for a walk or a jog instead of drowning yourself in ice cream and chocolates. It’ll be good exercise and even help give you time to think and clear your head,

23. Jog buddy ^-^ - Personally, I find it much easier to go on a jog if I have someone to do it with. It makes jogging a lot more fun -and instead of focusing on the fact that I’m working out and this all exercise/work, I’m able to just have a conversation with whoever I’m jogging with. So go and find someone else wanting to get in shape who can keep up. It helps takes your mind away from the fact that you’re doing work and lets you find more enjoyment in cardio ^-^

24. Start now, not tomorrow! -This seems to be a big problem people have. They put it off. Stop saying you’ll do it tomorrow, you’ll do it later, you’ll start in a week, when you can start now. It’s never too soon or late to start getting in shape and eating healthy. So stop making excuses and do it as soon as you decide on it. Putting it off will just be putting off when you reach your goal. Now start: 100 jumping jacks, go!

25. Be your own thinspiration! - Some people just can’t seem to get motivated. They see all these skinny and fit girls and think it’ll never be me. Or they’ll try and it’ll take too long. Well don’t give up. Keep thinking about your goal. Instead of using a celebrity or a friend as your goal or motivation, use yourself. Keep thinking about how great it’ll be when you have that toned tummy, that thigh gap. When you can finally wear that new bikini or an off the shoulder baggy tops and still look hella tiny. Just keep thinking about how you’re gonna work and how all your hard work is going to pay off. Sure it’s gonna be tough and take some time, but you can do it ^-^ Not every picture with a skinny or fit person is photoshop. There are real people losing weight and getting in shape everyday. Go be one of them ^-^

26. Salads! -A common mistake people make is they think I’ll just have a salad, that’ll be good, it’s not fatty and will help me get/stay skinny. And then they go drown it in ranch or dressings because they don’t like the taste plain. WRONG! If you’re gonna do that just go eat something else. Most dressings, and especially ranch, are really bad for you and super fatty. If you’re just gonna add so much dressing that your salad turns into a soup you should just eat something else. Because even though salads are healthy, adding that much dressing makes it as bad as the food you were probably going to originally pick or worse. Also note that Cesear Salad is one of the fattiest salads, its not super bad or anything (depending on where it’s from) but it is the more fatty salad out there.

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