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How to get more on my tax return

how to get more on my tax return

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Verify your correct filing status. The appropriate status will ensure that you receive your tax exemptions and credits. Also verify that you have the correct number of withholding allowances on the Form W-4 you completed at work. Strike the right balance. You want to avoid owing taxes but neither do you want a huge return. This means you have given the government an interest-free loan all year via your paycheck. Therefore, adjust your allowances accordingly. The lower you go, the more your employer must withhold each paycheck.

Retain a tax professional thoroughly current on tax law and with a stellar track record. Tax law is subject to frequent change and can very well make the difference in the size of your tax return.

Be knowledgeable about deductions.

Taking the correct deductions can be key in maximizing your return. Many people overlook deductions that have the potential to significantly increase the amount of their return checks. Common deductions are student loans, charitable donations, child care (credit) and job expenses such as mileage and much more.

Study all available tax credits. Unlike a deduction, a tax credit is subtracted from the calculated tax itself. Two common credits are child care and payments into a retirement savings account.

Do your research. If a large tax return seems to good to be true, it very may well be. On the other hand, there are many valid, large-sum tax returns for which you may be eligible; thus, you do not want to miss any opportunity for money that is rightfully yours. Buyer beware; buyer be wise.

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