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4 ways to get your State tax refund faster for 2013, 2014

how to get my tax refund faster

Get your State tax refund


There is nothing worse than knowing you have a state income tax refund on the way, but having no idea out when to expect it. While you may not be able to get an exact date or time as to when you will receive your state income tax refund, there are a few things you can do to help speed up the process.

Tip #1 file electronically

Filing electronically ensures that your taxes are delivered almost instantly, instead of waiting for your taxes to arrive to their designated destination by mail—and then be sorted, delivered, and processed by the appropriate department. When you file electronically you often received a notification that your taxes have been received.

Tip #2 use tax software

Using tax preparation software decreases your likelihood of making common errors that require your taxes to be revised and resubmit it. This is because tax software has built in features that significantly decrease the likelihood of entering information in the incorrect boxes.

Tax preparation software not only reduces human error, but it decreases the amount of time you need to spend completing your taxes.

You can also have a tax professional prepare your taxes to reduce the likelihood of errors when filling out your required tax forms.

Tip #3 file as soon as you can

Many individuals wait until the last minute to file their taxes—even if they are expecting a state income tax refund. Since many people wait till the due date of April 15 to file their taxes, there is a bottleneck that is created that increases the time in which late filers will receive their state income tax refund. To beat this bottleneck, file your taxes early .

Tip #4 opt for direct deposit

When you select to have your state income tax refund delivered to your bank account through direct deposit, you eliminate the time needed to process a check request, and for your check to arrive in the mail. State agencies often print checks in batches, which further delays the speed in which you will receive your refund.

While you will still be left wondering exactly when your refund will arrive, by utilizing the 4 tips above you can ensure that you will receive your state income tax refund sooner rather than later.

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