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How to get property tax information

how to get property tax information

Why did I get an informational tax bill only?

If your monthly mortgage payments include your property taxes, you have an impound account. Each July, lending institutions such as mortgage companies, banks and savings and loans provide the Treasurer and Tax Collector with a listing of properties with impound accounts. This information is used to forward annual tax bills to the lending institutions. An “Information Only” tax bill is also sent to the property owner. The lending institutions are then responsible for paying the taxes for their customers.

Because an agreement to pay property taxes through an impound account is between you and your lender, you must contact your lender for the following:

  • You have questions regarding the original annual property tax bill.
  • An overpayment has occurred because of the impound account.
  • You no longer wish to continue with

    an impound account.

  • You receive an adjusted or supplemental tax bill.
Generally, supplemental taxes are not covered by impound accounts and you are directly responsible for making payments.

The Treasurer and Tax Collector does not have the authority to remove impound account payments from the system upon your request. Your lender must authorize this removal. Please contact your lender if you have questions regarding the status of your impound account. Lending institutions are responsible for notifying property owners of any changes in impound account status and when an overpayment has occurred.

If you no longer have an impound account, you may use the stub of your annual “Information Only” tax bill to pay your taxes.

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