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How to get tax clients

how to get tax clients

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Market your services to specialized niches. A tax preparer can, in theory, prepare taxes in any tax situation. However, marketing your services to specific niches, such as small businesses or a specialized industry about which you are particularly knowledgeable, can help you grow your client base by focusing your marketing efforts and leveraging your pre-existing expertise. Offer special tax preparation packages, early-bird discounts and value-added services to businesses and individuals who work within industries with which you have some level of experience or specialized knowledge. Don't be afraid to branch out and research growing industries and markets in your area. You may uncover an untapped market that currently lacks a source of knowledgeable tax preparation services, and acquire a whole new client base.

Network aggressively in the tax off-season. Join your local chamber of commerce or any professional associations to which you have access. Networking with other business owners works to put you on trusted, familiar footing. A business's finances and tax filing are sensitive in nature, and many

business owners may be more apt to enlist your services if they already know you. If you have the credentials to help businesses through tax audits, you can further market your services to other businesses as a trusted tax professional even when it's not the tax preparation busy season.

Ask for word-of-mouth referrals from every client. Trust and reliability are two significant factors when business owners choose who will prepare their taxes. Don't be afraid to ask for referrals from satisfied clients. Most business owners know other business owners who may need tax preparation services. Almost all individuals who file taxes know other people who also need help with their taxes. Don't be afraid to say, "I'm glad you're happy with the service I've provided. Do you know anyone else who may also need my services?" Offer a small referral incentive for referrals who become paying clients. A happy word-of-mouth recommendation is a powerful marketing tool for any service industry, but it's especially meaningful when making the decision about whom to trust with your tax return.

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