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Non-Profit Organizations

If you are a Non-Profit Organization and you wish to apply for an Exempt (E) number, your organization should send a cover letter using your organization's letter head requesting the exemption, and include a copy of the following:

  • The articles of incorporation, if incorporated.
  • The organization's constitution, if unincorporated.
  • The by-laws.
  • The IRS letter, reflecting federal tax-exempt status, if your organization has one. See the Internal Revenue Service's website for information on becoming a non-profit organization.
  • The most recent financial statement. Religious organizations do not need to submit a financial statement with the initial request.
  • A brief narrative that explains purposes, functions, and activities of your organization.
  • Brochures or other printed material explaining the

    purposes, functions, and activities of your organization.

  • Any other information that describes the purposes, functions, and activities of your organization.

Note: There is no fee for this service and no form is provided by the Illinois Department of Revenue. A charitable organization isn't necessarily qualified because it has a charter from the Secretary of State’s office designating it as a not-for-profit corporation, or an exemption from federal taxes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Although the information is relevant, it doesn't prove the charitable nature of the organization.

Please refer to the Illinois Administrative Code; Section 130.2007.

The information outlined above should be sent to the following address:

Central Registration Division

Illinois Department of Revenue

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