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How To Get Your Tax Refund Faster in 2015

how to get your tax return

If you’re eligible for a tax refund, you’ll want to get it sooner rather than later. Right? However, with so many changes and new systems being released by the Australian Tax Office (ATO), it’s uncertain what the 2015 tax refund wait times will be this tax year.The tax experts at have risen to the challenge and came up with some reliable things you can do to help score a faster tax refund.

1. Collect your tax information in one place

Lots of people save tax refunds for a house deposit. Whatever you’ll do with your 2015 tax refund, you need to get the most back from the ATO that you can and pay less tax!

  • Collect all your basic documents (such as PAYG, bank interest, any other income, plus receipts for work-related expenses and other deductions like charitable donations). Then simply fill in the new easy-to-follow form .
  • Getting your PAYG documents ready is particularly important for people lodging early in the season (ie before 17 July).
  • Just click the ‘attach’ button beside the PAYG item in the return and upload the PAYG – you can even do it on mobile or iPad and the button on our site lets you snap a photo of the documents with your mobile – so easy!
  • Using the form, you can choose to fill in only the sections you need, which means less reading and you’re done faster.

“By comparison to our online forms, ATO e-Tax software can involve over a hundred pages, and most of them don’t apply to a given individual,” says Simone Gielis, General Manager of Etax Accountants.

Using the easy-to-follow online tax return at, Australia’s most popular online tax agent, you can file your tax in about 15 minutes so your tax refund will be speeding along soon afterwards.

Why use an online tax agent like instead of an agent’s office or self-preparation at the ATO e-tax or myGov?

We asked our clients in a 2015 survey and here’s what they said:

  1. For the confidence of

    knowing it was prepared right, double-checked by accountants and lodged correctly.

  2. Because it is so fast & easy.
  3. Because the fees are so fair compared to traditional tax agents.
  4. For tax agent advice and help with deductions.

There was a lot more in the survey, but those items alone seem to be enough for most people.

2. Get your tax & contact details right

  • Make sure that the personal details you enter into the form are exactly right for 2015.
  • Provide an email address you check frequently plus a mobile number,
  • add to your email address book – this helps make sure important notices reach your inbox.
  • The tax agents also can spot items that are different to ATO records, which is a great way to prevent ATO refund delays.

3. Let the experts check it all and maximise your tax refund

At, if you’re unsure about anything you can leave a note in ‘My Messages’ and a qualified accountant will get back to you quickly.

Our accountants will check your return for issues that could slow down your refund and they watch for ATO ‘audit triggers’ that could cause problems with your return,” says Gielis.

They then contact you with suggestions to improve your refund and to check any additional details, if needed.”

If it’s all correct, the accountants will then lodge your return electronically, which helps ensure a quick turnaround at the ATO.

Peace of mind

One of the best things about the Etax online system is that you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your details don’t mismatch the numbers the ATO already expects from you.

“Spotting errors, unusual claims and items known to be triggers for ATO audits before the return is lodged, is one of the things we do best,” says Gielis.

For more information on how the experts at Etax can help you get a faster tax refund, contact us with your query by phone on 1300 693 829 or email the team on

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