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Get Your Refund Fast: Efile Your 2010 Taxes with TurboTax

how to get your tax return fast

Here’s how efile works: Start your return and efile with TurboTax today. The IRS will email you a confirmation

Efiling your Personal Federal and State Tax Returns with …

TurboTax Online

  • Free Efile Included — Free efile is included with your purchase of TurboTax Online federal and state products.
  • Want to Print and Mail Instead? — You can print as many copies of your federal and state returns as you need per TurboTax Online purchase.
  • Efiling a State Return? — State efiling is free with TurboTax Online. Note You can efile only up to three state returns per federal return.

TurboTax CD/Download

  • Free Federal Efile Included — There’s no additional cost to efile your federal tax returns. Efiling your state personal return(s)

    costs $24.99 per efile.**

  • Filing Multiple Returns? — It’s easy. Prepare unlimited federal returns and efile up to five federal tax returns (the limit set by the IRS) at no additional cost.
  • Want to Print and Mail Instead? — No problem. Prepare and print as many additional returns as you like for no additional charge.
  • Efiling a State Return? — Efiling your state return costs $24.99 per state efile.** Note: You can efile only up to three state returns per federal return.

Efiling Your Business Returns

  • Efile Included — Federal and state efile is included with TurboTax Business and Business State products (each sold separately).
  • Filing for Multiple Businesses? — You can efile up to five federal returns at no additional charge.

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