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How to give performance evaluations

how to give performance evaluations

Never Again Dread Giving Your Employees Performance Evaluations…

Transform Your Mediocre Employees into Top Performers with Minimum Effort!!

Discover the Simple Secrets to Give Your Employees the Jump Start They Need – AND Make Performance Evaluations Painless and Easy For YOU!

Do you ever put off giving your employees their evaluations?

Have you ever wanted to turn problem employees into top performers?

Do you wish there was someone who would just expose all the secrets to giving effortless employee evaluations that ACTUALLY made a difference?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this might be the most important website you have ever read because today I am going to give you the golden key….

I am going to reveal the little-known secrets on how, when, where and why to give performance evaluations. And I’m also going to show you the effortless way to get the most benefit from them.

But before we get into all of that, let’s cover the basics first…

Why Do You Need To Give Employee Evaluations In The First Place?

A lot of managers tell me, “I hate to give employee evaluations. Why are they so important anyway?”

Employee evaluations are well worth their trouble. They have been proven, time and time again to:

· Improve your employee’s performance

· Reduce your employee’s disciplinary problems

· Keep you and your company up-to-date about how good a job is being done

· Keep you and your company up-to-date about how good a job is being done

You might already be aware of all the benefits of employee evaluations, but you probably still dread that once a year (or sometimes even once a month) time that you have to sit down all your employees and go over their strengths and weaknesses.

But there is something you really should know…

You CAN turn a mediocre employee into a top performer - IF you have the simple, powerful and effective performance evaluation formula.

Never Again Fear Employee Evaluations…

Believe me; I know that performance evaluations are one of the most unpleasant things that managers have to do, second only to firing people.

But I am here to tell you that there is a simple formula that exists that makes evaluations straight-forward and painless. AND, most importantly, there is an easy way to turn the most difficult or problematic employee into a top producer –virtually overnight – with one simple evaluation.

Hello, my name is Glenn Shepard. You've probably heard me speak –

or at least heard of me because I give over 100 management and leadership seminars each year.

I'm the author of How to Manage Problem Employees . and I am known all over the world for being able to eliminate dysfunctional behavior in the workplace. My latest book, How to Be the Employee Your Company Can't Live Without . was the #1 best seller in the career development category online at Barnes & Noble for 27 consecutive weeks.

I've worked with thousands of managers, who never thought that they could uncover the real truths and little-known secrets of employee evaluations.

But I am willing to reveal these “insider” secrets to you…

· Avoid All The Legal Pitfalls of Performance Evaluations

· Discover When Performance Evaluations Should Be Given (SURPRISE: It’s not at the end of the year!)

· How Often Performance Evaluations Should Be Given

· How You Can Balance The Positive & Negative Evaluations

· How to Avoid the Biggest Mistakes Supervisors Make When Giving Evals

· How to Design the Perfect Evaluation Form For You And Your Business

· The Best System to Use That Gets Amazing Results (And it’s not a scale of 1 to 5)

· The Exact Words and Phrases Every Manager Needs to Use in Appraisals

Plus much more!

Become The Treasured Manager That Inspires and Motivates Even The Laziest Employee…

With my How to Give Performance Evaluations program you are going to discover all the little-know secrets and tricks that will give you the confidence to turn even the worst employee into a star worker!

You are going to uncover the straightforward way to clearly let your employees know what you expected of them and let them know where they are right now – all the while gaining respect from both your employees and your own boss!

It’s time to put yourself on the fast-track to success and prove that you can:

· Get top-quality work from all of your employees!

· Motivate and inspire even the most apathetic workers!

· Gain the respect you deserve from everyone in your company!

· Have your peers begging for your advice and your secrets!

· Give the guidance that your employees need to become successful!

· End your employee’s disciplinary problems – quickly and easily - with a few simple words!

· Demonstrate your superior management skills to everyone with profitable and effective employees

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