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How to grieve property taxes

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Do you have questions about Grieving Tax Assessments?

Although you likely pay property tax assigned to multiple municipalities and your school tax, all those taxes are based on the Assessment. Reducing the Assessment will reduce all the types of property taxes you pay. You don’t need to challenge each property tax authority separately, although many villages have its own Assessor and its own grievance schedule. We'll make sure that you get your complaint filed on time. Back to Questions

What proof do I need to challenge my assessment?

You just need evidence that your property is worth less than the Assessor’s valuation. This could take the form of an assessment, your recent sales price (if you recently purchased the property), or your listing price (if you are on the market). We can also provide evidence of what other similar properties have sold for. Back to Questions

When is Grievance Day?

Grievance Day is the deadline for submitting Form RP-524 and the day that the BAR meets to hear complaints. In most communities, Grievance Day is the fourth Tuesday in May. However, there are exceptions:

• Cities and towns that share an assessor can adopt different Grievance

Days between the fourth Tuesday in May and the second Tuesday in June

• New York City - the Assessment Review Commission meets throughout the year, but complaints must be filed by March 15 for Class One properties and March 1 for all other properties

• Nassau County – the Assessment Review Commission meets throughout the year, but complaints must be filed by March 1

• Suffolk County - town BAR’s meet on the third Tuesday in May

• Westchester County - town BARs meet on the third Tuesday in June

• Villages that assess property – typically, the BAR meets on the third Tuesday of February;

Dates can vary – check with your village assessor or village clerk Back to Questions

What if I miss my municipality’s deadline for filing the grievance?

The deadlines for filing a grievance are hard deadlines. If you don’t get your grievance in by Grievance Day, we’ve missed your chance for the year and will not be able to grieve your taxes until the following year. For most municipalities in the area, the window is between the first week of May, when the roll is published, and the last week of May, which is grievance day. Back to Questions

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