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how to grieve your taxes

Property Tax Grievance Guidelines vary widely by State and sometimes even by municipalities within a state. A successful real estate tax appeal in most areas of the country is based upon first establishing the market value of your property. In order to reduce your property taxes you must prove that the value of your property is less than the valuation assigned by your assessing district (according to state law in most states, the assessment is deemed to be correct, and the burdon of proof, falls on the petitioner-homeowner to prove otherwise). A recent bonafide arms length sale of the subject property is the best evidence. If the property was not recently purchased, or the purchase was not at arms length (as in an inter-family sale, foreclosure or other sale made under conditions of distress), an appraisal by a state certified appraiser is the next best type of evidence, which is typically used to prove value of your home throughout the process.

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The Following

is From the Florida Department of Revenue:

  • If You Disagree with the Value of Your Property

As a property owner, you have the right to appeal:

  • The property appraiser's assessment of your property's value
  • A denial of your application for an exemption such as homestead, veterans, or senior citizen.
  • A denial of your application for property classification such as agricultural or historic.
  • A denial of your application for tax deferral.

You may do any or all of the following:

  • Ask for an informal conference with your county property appraiser.
  • File a petition with your local value adjustment board (VAB).
  • File a lawsuit in circuit court.

Informal Conference with your Property Appraiser

You have the right to an informal conference with your property appraiser to discuss your value or application for a property exemption or classification. By having an informal conference, you may be able to settle the issue without going to a hearing or going to court. At this informal conference, you may:

  • Bring any documentation you have that may support a change in your assessment or eligibility for an exemption or property classification.
  • Ask the property appraiser to present facts that support his or her assessment of your property or the denial of an application for an exemption or classification.

Having an informal conference with the property appraiser does not extend your deadline to file a petition with the value adjustment board.

Petition the Value Adjustment Board

If you petition the VAB, you must still pay all your non ad valorem assessments and the required portion of your ad valorem taxes before they become delinquent, usually on April 1. For more information, see our VAB petition brochure.

For a description of the VAB timeline, see the VAB Calendar.

Many counties have quick and easy electronic applications. Most counties have posted appeal forms on their VAB websites or you can contact your county’s clerk of court.

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