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How to install pool cue tips

how to install pool cue tips


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FASTLARRY 25 Jul 2014



You will need supplies, call us for them, 770-381-6609 and we run your credit card, or paypal, or take a money order, check or cash.  em:


They are going to run around $78.


Things have changed and you don't need the $500 williard tip machine any more. It can now all be done, by hand.  Ok, I use the williard tip machine and I have a $1500 lathe, they are best and faster, but this will show you how to do it your self, on the cheap. I can do it just as good as the guy on the lathe by hand, it just takes me twice as long and a lot of hard work.


Get your tip from me, I always have the low price, and we stock 35 different brands, all the hot top names, Morri, Talisman, Kamui, Tigers, etc.


Buy sandpaper in sheets from home depot and cut your strips to fit the file with a pair of scissors and a razor carpet knife which will cost 5 to $8 you trim the tip with.


You need the metal rasp sandman file, and three 9” metal file, sheets of sand paper, 60-100-220-400-600-1200 grit.  Super pro Loctite super glue. 


Cue Dr glass rod and magic papers from us. You might have a tip repair kit at home, some come with a table.  Back in da day, you put a tip on, and you had this plastic thingie, with a rubber band, that held the tip in place and you had to wait over night.  No more, throw it away, and my glue works in 10 seconds. Any glue that says, tweeten, or 10 minute, toss it out. 



If you are putting on your own tip at home, it’s not that hard to do, cut off the old tip with a razor knife, cut off, and sand off the base of the ferrule to be pure white all tip material is gone, put some 60 grit around a block of wood and use it as a sanding block.  A simple 1" x 6" piece of scrap wood will do. Rough up the bottom of your tip, sanding all names or printing off so it roughed up and flat, using 60 grit.  Glue a piece of 60 grit on a block of wood, and rub the back of the tip, holding the tip in your fingers, keeping it flat, in a circular motion until its sanded off and flat, where you can see no writing. Most tips will tell you what side to sand and are in the shape of a soup can. 


The key is using a pro Loctite super glue, I sell it.  Most super glues out there, do not give you the best bond and are cheap and not made for pool tip leathers.  Your tip will pop off, but with the pro glue, it never will. Do not skimp on the glue, its a vital component. You pay $5 for a 2 g tube, and it dries up and is worthless after one use. Our bottle, is much more, 20g's, and keep it in the fridge and it will seal well and never dry up on you. Get two bottles, and you can use the glue for around the house fixes and repairs.  Store the one that is open in the fridge, the back up bottle in the freezer, they last longer that way, super glue is an item, I never want to run out of.


Cover the ferrule evenly with a thin coat, and the bottom of the sanded tip.  Now you have to work very quick, you only have 10 seconds, as the pro glue, sets up fast.  Place the tip on the ferrule with your fingers, and center it, hold it in place so it does not move for 10 seconds, then wipe off the excess glue with a paper towel, now invert the shaft, hold the end of the shaft, put the tip on the paper towel on the table, and press down and hold in place for 60 seconds. Again, wipe off excess glue that oozes out. 


Let it set for 3 to 5 minutes, to insure the glue seals well. You pressed out any air pockets and insured the glue has an even spread.


Get a cutting board, invert the shaft again, and with your razor knife, trim the overhang of the tip with the knife, so it’s even with the outside edge of the ferrule Most tips are 14mm and most ferrules are 13mm, so the over hang makes it easier to center it. Its almost impossible to put a 13 tip on a 13 ferrule, usually a little will over hand on one side, exposing some uncovered ferrule on the other side. Those with 12 or 11.75 should order 13 tips, you can use a 14, there is just more work and trimming involved. We stock snooker tips in 11 and 12mm in the Talisman brand.



Make small cuts, cut off  little by little, try not to take it all off with one cut, take your time here making a very smooth circular cut following the outer edge of the tip, if you get a dig inside the ferrule in the tip, its hard to sand out.  Run the blade down even with the wall of the ferrule, do not cut inside that line, come down and angle a little out. Later you might want to buy one of those tip trimmers, the tip goes inside and

a razor blade helps trip it smooth. 


Flip the shaft back around, and sand the tip using 100 grit, stay on the ferrule and tip, do not be sanding on the wood.  Usually this requires a lot of hand sanding to get it smooth and flush.  Do not use 60 grit, it will put scratches in your ferrule that will be hard to remove.


Taking the tip down and how long it takes, depends on its hardness, a XX is a bitch, an S is much easier.  The sandman takes a hard tip down, 2 or 3 times faster than 60 grit sandpaper does.  I view it as a must tool to own. But you can do it with just the 3 sandpaper files.


I begin with the Sandman metal rasp, and strike down at an 45 degree angle about 100 times, until I have a nice dome, then 35 strikes with the 60 grit sandpaper file, 35 with the 100, now I take my dime williard disc dime shape in my hand, put it on the tip, and turn it 10 times, making sure I have an even cut all the way around. This insures I have sanded down the dome to a dime and if one side is slightly lop sided, it corrects that.


I go back and sand the outside wall with 100 grit, then 35 final strikes with the 200 grit and the tip should be in a nice dime shape.


Those who order the kit, will get my $15 DVD on how to play pool, its 1.5 hrs long, and at the end we have a 12 minute segment on how to put on a tip, and how to use the sandpaper file, like a pro. Plus the 8 ball pocket marker free as well.



I address the dings or dents in the shaft wood. It the ding is deep, I take it out with steam from a tea pot, see me on that, or I rub them out using the Cue Dr glass rod, they work on the smaller ones fine.  I now sand the upper half of the shaft down well using 100 grit, which gets out all the little dings, and returns it to being round.  I rub the shaft vigorously with the glass rod, at the top third, 25 times turning he shaft as I rub, then the 2nd third, then down to the middle.  If there are any little dings I missed you will hear a clicking sound, and you keep rubbing until the click stops. The rod, smooths out the surface of the wood nicely as the sanding with 100 can make little grooves. 


Then I sand 10-15 times using 200, then 400, then 600, 1200.  The shaft now feels like glass, very smooth.  I spit on the tip, all around to set it up and harden the leather.  I dry it with a fan, and I burnish the tip using a strip of leather, and then burnish it again using a twist tool the tip goes inside of. 


I sand the entire shaft, and ferrule and tip with an 8000 grit pink magic paper.  You should use the 2000 sandpaper. Yes, it’s a lot of manual work, a lot of sanding, you make a mess and it takes 30 to 45 minutes.  Which is why, most of you just pay a tip installer the $30 to $40 to do it for you.




TIPS, choose any tip you wish, we stock them all, 35 different brands.  Also choose the hardness, many come in S-M-H.

Single layers begin at a dollar and go up to five, layered tips, which I recommend, begin at $7 and go up to $20, and average around $15.

Most installers are now charging $30 to $40 for a layered tip install.


A beginner should use the S, a good club player the M, an advanced player the H.  Always buy at least 2 tips at a time, in case one fails, or flies off and is lost, or just wears down and needs replacing.


Tip will average around                                   $15.00


FILES, you will need, FOUR OF THEM


Sandman metal grit rasp, heavy take down  $18.30

3  of the 9” metal sand paper files 3.90 ea=  $11.70

Williard dime shaper disc                                $7.90

Pro super glue 20g                                           $7.50

Cue Dr glass rod                                               $9.90

Magic papers 100-1000 grit                              $8.45

Approximate total may be around                            $78.75

minus your sheets of sandpaper and knife you buy

from Home depot or Lowes.


This package should be free freight, any order over $75.00, qualifies for this.


DVD #1 how to play pool  free

Eight ball pocket marker  free


It would be smart to pick up a box of Masters chalk 12 pcs, $5.00, I use the bushka chalk now on my play cue, $2.80 ea, and the blue diamond on my break and jump cue, $3.50 ea.

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