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Learn Tax Preparation By Hands-On Learning

Learn By Doing

Many Tax Preparation training materials place their focus on theory. We thoroughly teach the theory of tax preparation as well. The real difference between our course and others is that we teach in a very hands-on fashion. In each of the 32 training sessions of the Professional Tax Preparer™ Certification, you will prepare at least one tax return.

When you learned to ride a bike, you didn't spend a lot of time studying how to do it. You jumped right in and did it, and before long, it became second nature to you. Like riding a bike, with practice, you will be able to prepare most tax returns very naturally. We will train you in tax preparation in such a way that it comes naturally to you in the real world with real clients.

Confidence Comes Through Doing

As you work through the practice sets in each session of the Professional Tax Preparer™ course you will gain confidence that, "I can do this." We teach you through preparing many types of tax forms so that you have exposure during your training to most questions that might arise in real-world tax preparation. This experience gives you the background to recognize even more uncommon tax issues and know intuitively how to solve them because you have done it before.

Video Training Lets You Work at Your Own Pace

In school, wouldn't it have been nice to be able to pause or rewind what a teacher said so that you could be sure that you heard correctly? Sometimes when being taught in a classroom setting our mind is still assimilating

the last concept presented when the instructor moves on to a new topic. In this way, we often miss key points. With our video-based training. when you don't hear something correctly or need to pause to take notes or to spend extra time on a problem that you are working on, you can.

You can work as much or as little each day as your time permits. If your life has many demands on it, you may only be able to spend a few hours per week learning tax preparation. If you have the time, you could get through the course in two weeks by spending more time. We believe that education should fit your lifestyle. not the other way around.

We Are Here To Help You

In a traditional classroom setting, one can sometimes raise their hand and ask a question. Many of us either don't feel comfortable asking questions in a large class or there is simply not sufficient time for a teacher to answer each student's questions. That is one area where Universal Accounting® really shines. You can email or call us directly to get answers to your questions from qualified tax professionals. We have CPA's on staff to help you answer even the toughest tax questions. This support extends even after you graduate with your Professional Tax Preparer™ (PTP) designation. If you are on the job and have a question, we are there for you. You will never feel alone, knowing that we are there to back you up.

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The Professional Tax Preparer™ (PTP ) program consists of video instruction, practice books, and manuals.

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