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How to lower my taxes

how to lower my taxes

Chief executive officer of town government who presides at all town board meetings, directing the legislative and administrative functions of that body. Council Members

Responsible for adopting the annual budget, traffic regulations, and adopting and amending the town code and the building zone ordinances. Meetings & Hearings

Meetings of the Hempstead Town Board are divided into three sections: Public Hearing calendar, Decision calendar, and the Administrative calendar. Town Code

A searchable index of the laws, regulations and ordinances of the Town of Hempstead. Town Budget

The annual budget for the Town of Hempstead.

Town Clerk

Town Clerk's Office

This office provides licenses, certificates and permits to the residents of the Town of Hempstead and serves as the official "Keeper of the Record" for the Town. Nasrin G. Ahmad

The Town Clerk is responsible for managing the daily operations of the Town Clerk's Office. Archives

The Archives provide an overview of historical records, documents and maps dating back to the town's founding in 1644. Marriage

The Town Clerk issues a New York State Marriage License to qualified applicants and records the marriage with the New York State Department of Health. Registrar

The Registrar's Office issues and maintains birth and death certificates for unincorporated communities. Passport Services

Application forms are available at the Town Clerk's Office and we can even take your required passport photo. Child Safety / Senior ID

A comprehensive identification program to protect our children and seniors. Licenses & Permits

Browse the many different licenses and permits available at the Town Clerk's Office. For your convenience, some forms may be downloaded and printed.

Receiver of Taxes

Receiver of Taxes Office

When, where and how to pay your taxes for the Town of Hempstead, Nassau County, 99 special districts and 33 school districts. Donald X. Clavin, Jr.

The Receiver of Taxes is responsible for managing the daily operations of the Office of the Receiver of Taxes. Tax Information

Find out about the types of taxes collected by the Town of Hempstead Receiver of Taxes Office, as well as Tax Discount and Tax Penalty policies. Tax Exemptions

The Town does not set your property tax assessment, but we can help to lower your taxes through several tax exemption programs. Tax Forms

This section describes the New Owner/Mortgage Satisfaction and Third Party Notification Request forms that may be downloaded. Payment Reminders

Sign up for the Payment Reminder Mailing List to receive an e-mail reminder approximately 10 days prior to your tax bill due date. Online Tax Payments

Pay your current tax bill with a credit card, online or by telephone.

Town Resources

Animal Shelter

The Animal Shelter handles 500 to 600 animals per month; Animal Control officers respond to over 6,000 requests for service every year. Senior Enrichment

Provides social services and recreational programs for the Town's senior population. Housing Authority

Committed to providing safe, sanitary housing in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Occupational Resources

The Department of Occupational Resources (DOOR) operates HempsteadWorks, providing assistance to jobseekers and businesses. Planning & Economic Dev.

Administers the federally-funded Community Development Program and collects data on which policy-making decisions are based. Civil Service Commission

Implements and ensures compliance with the rules, regulations and requirements of the New York State Department of Civil Service. Greenfield Cemetery

The personnel at Greenfield offer Town residents immediate service and personalized assistance. TVASNAC

The Town-Village Aircraft Safety & Noise Abatement Committee

Citizen Services

Emergency Services

A comprehensive list of

important contact information for a variety of emergency situations that may arise. Public Safety Department

Responsible for the protection of the real and personal property of the Town and the maintenance of order on the real properties of the Town. Highway Department

Maintains more than 1,200 miles of roadway, 163 town parking fields, thousands of catch basins, as well as 2,200 miles of storm water drains. Sanitation Department

Manages refuse collection and disposal, the comprehensive curbside recycling program, and enforces all town sanitation ordinances. Water Department

Responsible for providing adequate quality drinking water for town residents not serviced by private utilities or village-operated systems Traffic Control & Street Lighting

Divisions which are responsible for street name and traffic control signs and street lighting units located on town roadways. Special Districts

Information about the special districts within the Town of Hempstead. As per state law, information furnished by the individual districts is available here. Veterans Services

The Town has our own Veterans Benefits Counselor on staff to assist veterans and their families file claims for veterans benefits.


Parks & Recreation

The town maintains over 1,400 acres of parklands which offer year-round recreational and cultural activities for residents and visitors. Facilities

Find out about the parks, beaches, swimming pools, golf courses, skating rinks & other facilities in the town. Activities

Take advantage of quality recreational and cultural programming for town residents. ANCHOR

Answering the Needs of Citizens with Handicaps through Organized Recreation. Rules & Regulations

Guidelines for participation in Town of Hempstead programs. Tourism

Coordinates local marketing and promotion efforts and works with local organizations to promote business and vacation travel to the Town.


Conservation & Waterways

Functions include preservation of the Town's wetlands and wildlife, monitoring of bay water quality and maintenance of navigational aids. Bay Constables

The Bay Constables serve as peace officers who patrol our waterways, enforcing navigation, conservation and marine safety laws and ordinances. Marinas & Fishing Piers

Information on town marinas, fishing piers and dock rentals. Preserves & Nature Areas

Discover and explore the stunning natural beauty within the Town of Hempstead. Local Tides & Weather

Find real-time information on local weather as well as sea and shoreline conditions for Long Island. Clean Energy Project

Under the leadership of Supervisor Kate Murray, Hempstead Town has completed a number of progressive renewable energy projects. GeesePeace

The Town works with the non-profit organization GeesePeace to help control the rapidly increasing Canada Geese population in the area. Storm Water Management

Learn about good storm water management practices, which are essential to preserving Hempstead Town's beautiful natural resources.

Building & Zoning

Building Department

The Building Department is responsible for the enforcement of the Building Zone Ordinance and portions of the Town Code. Board of Appeals

The main function of the Board is to hold official public hearings and render formal written decisions on the cases brought before it. Permits & Applications

Detailed information on the permits and applications available at the Building Department. Building Forms

Browse the forms available at the Building Department. For your convenience some forms may be downloaded and printed. Structures in Waterways

Information on the application procedures and downloadable forms for the building of structures and bulkheads in waterways. Building Zone Ordinance

A searchable index of the Building Zone Ordinance of the Town of Hempstead. Landmarks Preservation

Information on the Landmark Preservation Commission, including a tour of structures of historic significance that have achieved landmark status.

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