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How to lower the property tax

how to lower the property tax

The tax is based upon two factors- 1) revenue the town needs to generate and 2) the portion your house needs to pay.

The best option would be to go after factor #1 and try to decrease the town's spending. Become active in your local town government. By using your power to vote and using your voice, you may be able to oppose issues that provide more cost than benefit to the community. An example would be fighting against a new Fire department building that looks beautiful over renovating the current building at a lower cost.

Check in with your local assessor's office to see if there are any programs available that would reduce your tax. For instance, in MA we have "61A" that allows for a reduction in property tax if you own a farm, and another break that allows senior citizens to

abate up to maybe 1/2 of their tax if they provide some service the town- such as 5 hours a week shelving books at the library.

Other than similar programs, your only option is to reduce your tax assessement. Most assessor offices take into account things such as gross living area, sheds, pools, land, etc. While it may seem silly, find out your town's formula and see if there is anything driving up the cost that you don't want or need. Maybe you have an old garage that is falling down that is significantly increasing your tax bill. Tearing it down might provide an answer.

Other than those weak suggestions, you usually don't have a choice in your property tax bill as it should be based on a formula that allows for equal treatment to every property owner.

Jeff · 8 years ago

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