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How to File a Delaware Tax Amendment

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When Do I Need to Prepare and File a Delaware Amended Tax Return?

If you are expecting a refund, you have up to 3 years to file a tax amendment form from the original tax return filing deadline, or as many as 2 years from the date when you paid the tax, (whichever is later).

However, if the IRS made changes to your federal income tax return, then you have up to 90 days from the date of the final notice to file your tax amendment form with the state of Delaware to reflect the federal return changes.

How Should I Correct My Accepted Delaware Tax Return or File a Tax Amendment in Delaware?

You must file a Delaware tax amendment form in order to correct your accepted Delaware state tax return. We can give you two options to amend your Delaware tax return:

  1. Download and fill out Form 200-01-X (resident amendment form) or Form 200-02-X (nonresident amendment form) . If you are a part-year resident, then you have the option to file either of the forms. When you're done, print out the amended return and mail it to

    the Delaware address based on residency status and tax situation. OR

  2. File your Delaware state tax amendment the help of an efile TaxPro! Enjoy all the benefits of working with a TaxPro, including:
  • Having your tax questions answered by a licensed tax professional or CPA!
  • Enjoying the peace of mind that your state tax amendment is being prepared and filed by a tax professional!

Having your tax amendment prepared and filed by an online TaxPro starts at only $79!

Delaware State Tax Amendment Forms (Download, Print Out, Fill Out, and Mail)

Fill out the appropriate form that reflects your residence status in the state of Delaware for the corresponding year. Residents should fill out Form 200-01-X and nonresidents should fill out Form 200-02-X. Part-year residents can file either Form 200-01-X or 200-02-X.

A resident is defined as someone who is domiciled in the state of Delaware or resides there for at least 183 days in the tax year. A non-resident is defined as someone who is not domiciled in the state of Delaware and doesn't reside in the state for 183 days in the tax year.

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