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How to make a tax receipt

how to make a tax receipt

How do I create a tax receipt for donations made throughout the year?

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QuickBooks will produce individual receipts for donations but not a statement for the year. To generate a report to show donations for the year, follow the steps below:

  1. From the Reports menu, select Sales. then Sales by Customer Detail .
  2. Click on Modify Report at the top of the report. (in QuickBooks 2014, click on Customize Report )
  3. Change the Date to the tax year.
  4. Uncheck all columns, then select Type. Date. Num. Street. City. Province. Postal Code and Amount .
  5. On the Filters tab, select the Name filter and select the name of the Donor.
  6. On the Header/Footer tab change the Title to the company address.
  7. Change the Report Title to Official Income Tax Receipt XXXX (enter the year).
  8. Enter CRA in the Subtitle Field
  9. Time Prepared and Report Basis are not needed and can be unchecked.
  10. In the Extra Footer Line enter in the Registration number for the company and also add Authorized Signature .
  11. Click on OK .
  12. Memorize the report.
  13. Pull up the memorized report and modify the Name filter for each donor.


that the official donation receipt must include

As a donor, you should make sure your official donation receipt includes the following:

  • a statement that the receipt is an "official receipt for income tax purposes"'
  • your name and address;
  • the charity's Business Number (BN)/Registration Number;
  • the amount of the cash donation or the fair market value of the non-cash donation;
  • the date of the donation (the year is sufficient for donations of cash);
  • the Canada Revenue Agency's (CRA's) name and Web site address (;
  • a unique serial number.

Depending on the kind of donation you make or whether you receive an advantage for making the donation, your official donation receipt may require additional information. For more information please visit the CRA web site.

We have included a template for your convenience; this template will still need additional modification to suit your needs:

  1. Select the template and save to your desk top.
  2. In QuickBooks, go to Reports. select Memorized Report, and choose Memorized Report List.
  3. Choose Memorized Report. select Import Template. choose template saved to the desktop, select Open. enter name for report and OK .

This template is pending approval from the CRA.

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