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how to make big tips

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In this book of professional waitressing, Romana Van Lissum offers you detailed information and strategies for increasing your efficiency and maximizing your tip earning potential. By learning how to master waitressing, you'll be able to secure your position at your job and become an important asset to your employer. Written with humor, this informative book is sure to captivate you with skilled time saving tactics and the inside facts on the fun and unusual side of the serving business.

If you are new to the serving industry, or an old pro, this book is a must read. Whether you serve drinks or food in a cocktail bar, lounge, high end hotel, piano bar, nightclub, golf course, restaurant or exotic show lounge, this book will give you the "insider" information to come out on top in any situation you come across.


* Why Every "Successful" Server Needs "S.H.O.E.S"

* Basic Bar Terminology

* How to Handle Your Room When You get Slammed

* How to Secure a Tip

* How to Make Yourself the Top Earner

* The Art of Upselling Drinks

* Some Handy Memorization Tips

* The Inside Scoop on Strippers

* How to Deal with the Non-Tippers

* How to Handle "Come Ons", the Stalker, the Jealous Woman Customer, the Drunk, Young Clientele.

* The Unbelievable Stories when you read the BONUS CHAPTER on 100 of Romana's Unforgettable Customers!

And much, much more.

Product Description

How To Be a Waitress And Make Big Tips tells of various experiences Romana Van Lissum has dealt with over the past fifteen years as a cocktail waitress in a strip bar. It's an extremely challenging job where a server is always experiencing new situations because she's dealing with the challenging and sometimes insane public. This knowledge is turned into helpful

advice for all waitresses and waiters encountering many different obstacles in the serving profession, from the newbie that's never held a tray to the old pro that still likes to learn new tricks now and then. An individual who has never worked in this industry will have a clear understanding of what it takes to do this job. Learning to use the till and getting the hang of balancing a full tray of drinks is the easy part. It's the "not knowing how to deal with intoxicated customers," being left with unpaid tabs, and a customer that won't take a, "No, I will not go out with you. I told you I'm married for the fifth time!" are a few of the annoyances that a waitress has to deal with. Yes, there are concerning aspects to the job, but Romana is going to tell you how to deal with most of them so that you are fully aware and prepared for what may lie ahead. Not only will you be ready to deal with some of the difficult obstacles encountered on a shift, but you'll be given practical advice to help you put more money in your pocket! Knowing basic bar terminology, learning to use your memory, discovering how to secure a tip, mastering some up-selling techniques, and knowing how to make yourself the top earner are just a few of the important topics covered in this book. Where else can you find a job that is extremely fun, challenging, and remarkably profitable? If you decide to venture into the serving industry, read this book, enjoy this road traveled, and make lots of money!

About the Author

In her spare time, Romana enjoys endurance riding with her horses and spending time with friends and family. She is a big advocate for the well being of all animals, and looking after our planet earth is close to her heart.

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