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Things make Bill Kaulitz loveable

how to make bill kaulitz hairstyle

His voice? His performance? His fashion? His beauty? His eyes? His smile? His personality? His thought? His mind?


iluvshinpeitakagi18-deactivated asked: I really love the Kaulitz twins, don't get me wrong here, but what did Bill do to his face. / He should shave and at least take of the nose piercing, but he still still looks good

I am entitled to my opinion, even though it may look like I'm criticising. ( TH fan forever! <3

Hmmm? No, not at all. I don’t think it’s wrong to criticize his look, as long as the words are honest and still polite. It’s impossible to get the same opinion from more than million fans around the world. Yes, we all love the same person, but in spite of that, we have different reasons and aspects to love him. So, however or whatever Bill changes, there are definitely both good and bad opinions depending on how the change makes people like or


I think it’s very common if you express what you don’t like Bill’s current look. That means he still catches your attention and always impacts you somehow.

For me, to be honest, I HATE BEARD, I HATE PIERCE, I HATE TATTOO, but I don’t know why I can simply accept when they are on Bill’s body, no matter if they make him look better or worse. Bill are always there. The appearance is just like a shouting voice to get people’s attention. I don’t think it’s important for long term fans, because without his shouting, we are ready to listen to everything he wants to say, ain’t we? But you may feedback about his shouting voice like; oh, Bill next time, poke me softly with your sweet whisper, or Bill. I. NEED. TO. HEAR. YOU. SCREAM. etc. So if you still love him, you are definitely touched by every of his actions, but you are always there for him :)

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