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How to make donations tax deductible

how to make donations tax deductible

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Type or print your name at the top of a page, identifying yourself as the donor.

State, below your name, that the charity has received an "absolute" gift from you. This means that you received nothing in exchange for the donation, and you don't expect the charity to return the gift to you at a future time. You're donating the item; it's not a loan.

Describe the donation you're making. If you give cash, write the date and amount. If you write a check, list the amount, the date, the check number, your account number and the name of your bank. If you donate a tangible item, describe it in detail, including any flaws. If it's something like an air condition or a computer, include the make and model number. Include the value you've set on the gift.

State, below the description, that you did not receive anything in exchange for your donation. If you did, other rules apply.

Date the receipt, and create a signature line for someone associated with the charity to sign it. If you know in advance who will sign it, include his name and his official position with the charity, as well as the charity's full name and address. If you don't know who will sign it, ask the person to add this information at the time you get the signature. Have the receipt signed at the same time you make the donation.

Attach all other proof you have of the transaction to your signed receipt. If you wrote a check, use a copy of the cancelled check. You could also use a copy of your bank statement to prove the transaction, if the date and the amount of the entry match up with your signed receipt. If you donated a used item, such as a computer, attach proof confirming how you set the value, such as a comparable listing on eBay that sold for the same amount of money.

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