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10 Ways You Can Make More Tips as a Bartender

Bartenders, here are things you should know about how to back better tips. Apply these to your work routine and you will reap the rewards.

10. Don’t forget to ID – The consequences for serving underage customers are severe and will not only hurt your reputation, but the bar or restaurant you work for as well. It is also a good idea to ID people who look younger because they will be flattered, especially those in their 30’s.

9. Don’t focus on tips – If someone gives you a terrible tip after you have served them for an hour straight, don’t make a face or a gesture that shows you are irritated. Other customers will notice and think you are rude, giving them less incentive to tip you well. And obviously you should never beg for tips.

8. Be truthful – Don’t under pour drinks or overcharge for them to make more pocket change for yourself. This won’t go unnoticed, and you will begin to have a bad reputation. No one wants to tip a shady bartender.

7. Surprise people – Throw in a trick once in a while like a bottle spin. Make sure you don’t over do it because you will start to look like a showoff. Some people will tip better when they can tell their bartender is skilled in his or her craft.

6. Remember customer’s drink orders – This is important for taking multiple orders at once. If you get five drink orders from a group of friends, you should only have to ask once. If you keep coming back to ask for the same order in a loud bar, you slow yourself down and annoy customers. The better memory you have, the faster you make drinks, and the more customers you will get to, meaning a higher volume of tips. It is also important to remember your regular’s favorite drinks and their names. Your regulars will appreciate you remembering them and give you better tips.

5. Be fair with customers – Treat all of your customers equally. Even if

the guy at the end of the bar always gives you huge tips, you need to circulate so other customers aren’t left waiting forever. The longer a customer waits for their drink order to be taken, the worse tip they will leave.

4. Keep the bar spotless – No one wants to sit down at a sticky bar covered in empty glasses from previous customers. Clean your bar as you go so new customers will want to sit down. If you don’t keep your bar clean, you show customers that you don’t care about them or your job.

3. Keep an eye out at all times – Be aware of your surroundings. There is almost always something you can be doing behind the bar. If someone’s drink seems to be getting low, ask if they want another. Make sure that no one is waiting to place an order or ask you a question. If customers see you chatting with co-workers while they are waiting for you, they will think you don’t care and tip less.

2. Keep it professional – It is very important to act professionally and to dress in appropriate, clean clothes. When a customer can tell that you care about your job and giving good service, they will be more willing to tip you. This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, but you shouldn’t be leaning over the bar to hookup with a customer either.

1. Have a positive and friendly attitude – It is important to smile and be friendly with everyone at the bar. The number one way to lose tips at a bar is being rude to customers. Try to engage in a little small talk with each customer if the bar isn’t packed to the brim. This includes your interactions with other employees. If customers see you yelling at someone you work with they will start to question whether your positive demeanor is merely an act. So stay positive and take a deep breathe if you need to, and the tips will keep on coming.

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