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How to make ruby bolt tips

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The Basics

Fletching can often be an interesting skill to work on in RuneScape, since you can make all sorts of different things with it. The skill can also be fun, as you're not standing in the same place all the time. Instead, you can move around working on the skill, and usually you will be gaining experience toward other skills as well.

Required Items

The necessary items for Fletching vary with the particular item you are creating, but there are two main items which are common to essentially all types of fletched items.

Logs are required for cutting or whittling objects such as bows, arrow shafts and crossbow stocks. To obtain logs, cut down a tree using the Woodcutting skill. They may also be bought from other players on the Grand Exchange .

A Knife is used to cut logs into items including bows, arrow shafts and crossbow stocks. There are Knife respawns located behind Bob's Axe store in Lumbridge. upstairs in the Varrock General Store, inside the Musa Point General Store, and in the house just south of the Seer's Village Pub. They may also be purchased from the East Ardougne Spice Stall, or from Arhein's Store in Catherby for 25gp.

Members also have access to special knives from the Stealing Creation Activity. The Scared Clay Fletching Knife gives a 100% experience bonus when it is used to cut logs. Once you earn 30,000 experience from it, the knife will disappear. The Volatile Clay Fletching Knife gives a 120% experience bonus when used, and

will transform back into a Volatile Tool once 10% of its charges have been used up.

Certain Summoning Familars are able to act as a Knife and cut logs for you, including:

  • Beaver: Level 33 Summoning

Use the logs on the Summoning Familiar to cut them into the item of your choice.

Fletching Items

Once you have the required materials, it's time to begin Fletching. To fletch an unstrung bow, arrow shafts or a crossbow stock, use your Knife on some logs in your inventory. A Fletching dialog will appear, allowing you to select the number and type of item you would like to create.

After you select how many you would like to fletch, click the icon of the item to begin Fletching. By default, you will use up all of the logs in your inventory to make the maximum number of the selected item.


To Fletch some arrows, you'll first need to make Arrow Shafts out of regular logs. One set of logs will make 15 Shafts, giving a total of 5xp. Now you need to obtain some feathers, and then use them with the arrow shafts. Each arrow needs just 1 feather, and you earn 1xp per feather you add. To finish the arrow, you need to get some Arrow Heads of the metal you want, either by Smithing or buying them from the Archery Shop in Catherby. the Ranging Guild. or King Lathas' Training Area. Use the heads with the arrows to finish them.

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