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How to masterbate tips

how to masterbate tips

"Don't Know How to do Masterbating The Male Penis"

Masterbate Question - Posted By: I.D.

I'm a young male and I don't know how to do masterbating (handjob, jacking off, stroking, jerking Off, wanking) the genital reproductive organ (penis) effectivly for sexual pleasure, and shooting hugh cum load enjoyment! HELP.

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Get your penis erection - In Reply: How do you masterbate? Beginners

With your limp hanging male genital reproductive organ exposed, get your penis erection by physical and/or mental stimulation. First you must have visual media (pictures, movies etc..) in place or a mental sensual picture in your mind to help in the physical penile masturbation self-stimulation process.

Start to masterbate your penis by rubbing, fondling, and pulling the head of your genitalia male reproductive organ with your hand.

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Once the penis is erect, use a bit of lubricant (or saliva/spit), place your hand around the penis erection, and stroke up and down (hand job,wanking) along the extended penile shaft.

Change/switch your hands when your hand gets tired of jacking off.

You can start out with a slow up and down handjob stroking motion then, when you start getting a sexual sensation, increase rubbing and intensify the strokes to a rapid fast wanking movement until orgasm (climax) and ejaculation (cum) of semenal fluid. Now clean up the masturbation aftermat mess!:-)

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